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 (mĕn′dē, -dā)
n. pl. Mende or Men·des
1. A Mande language spoken in southern Sierra Leone and eastern Liberia.
2. A member of a Mende-speaking people.

[Mende mεnde, ethnic self-designation.]


(Biography) Sam(uel) (Alexander). born 1965, British theatre and film director, who made his name as artistic director of the Donmar Warehouse, London (1992–2002) before directing the films American Beauty (1999), The Road to Perdition (2002), Revolutionary Road (2008), and Skyfall (2012)
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We were told at this place that Alfonso Mendes, patriarch of Aethiopia, was arrived at Goa from Lisbon.
They face a derby grudge match tomorrow at thirdplaced Aston Villa, who are demanding action over the involvement of super agent Jorge Mendes at Molineux.
Noting that the "fight is not over", Reinhart posted her photo, as well as those of Camila Mendes (Riverdale's Veronica Lodge), during their February shoot for Cosmopolitan.
Riverdale" star Camila Mendes used to be the same way.
Dubai: Top coach Marcelo Mendes is convinced the annual Huawei Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup will hasten the grassroots development and strengthen the UAE national squad over a period of time.
1 albums by 18, Mendes is a full-fledged celebrity.
For the first time in his novice music career, Shawn Mendes will star in Ivan Reitman's musical film 'Summer of Love.
This work comprises thirteen stories, and articles and letters from the 1920s to the 1960s, including two letters to Mendes from the Trinidadian activist and Pan Africanist George Padmore, supported by an introduction, explanatory notes and a short glossary.
HAY-ON-WYE, Wales: Sam Mendes is finished with James Bond.
The body of Luisa Mendes, 44, was discovered at an address in Briar Close, Lilington, in October 2012, and an inquest into her death is due to be held next month.
Moses Solomons, a grandson of Gershom Mendes Seixas, the first native-born Jewish minister in the North America, kept an annotation that recovered a distant memory of the adventurous escape of his forefather Abraham Mendes Seixas (grandfather of Gershom Mendes Seixas) from the grip of the Portuguese Inquisition: