Mendocino County

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Men·do·ci·no County

A county of northwest California north of San Francisco and south of Cape Mendocino, the westernmost extremity of the state. It is a noted wine-producing region.
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It was the same with the wild lilac, which Daylight had sent to him from Mendocino County.
He knew of the presence of the mountain lion, adrift down from Mendocino County, ere the first shorthorn calf was slain, and came home from the encounter, torn and bleeding, to attest what he had discovered and to be the cause of Harley Kennan riding trail next day with a rifle across his pommel.
Sean White, general manager of the Mendocino County Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District, Ukiah, Calif.
Mendocino County Department of Transportation (County) intends to contract with a single qualified professional consultant/consulting firm to provide real property appraisal related to the acquisition of right-of-way for potential storm damage road repair projects and for the Countys Eleven (11) proposed Federal-Aid bridge projects located throughout the County (See Attachment E).
The Green Winegrowing Handbook published by Paul Dolan Vineyards and Parducci Wine Cellars, Mendocino County, can now be downloaded for free at pauldolanwine.
INGLEWOOD - On vacation recently, I stopped for gas in Willits, a lumber town in Mendocino County that's a few undulating miles up Highway 101 from Ridgewood, where the legendary horseman Charles Howard had his ranch.
Provides advocacy to clients of the Mendocino County Mental Health Plan who are residing independently within Mendocino County.
Mendocino County is divided into two separate regions.
His involvement with elective politics started with his election in 1979 to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors and then continued with his one term in Congress, where he was author of the Headwaters Forest Protection Act.
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