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 (mĕn′shē-əs) Originally Meng·zi (mŭng′dzē′) Fourth century bc.
Chinese Confucian philosopher who taught that people are innately good and that one's nature can be enhanced or perverted by one's environment.


(ˈmɛnʃɪəs; -ʃəs)
(Biography) Chinese name Mengzi or Meng-tze. ?372–?289 bc, Chinese philosopher, who propounded the ethical system of Confucius


(ˈmɛn ʃi əs)

c380–289 B.C., Chinese philosopher.
Also called Mengtzu.
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Hotfooting it to Kowloon, Kline looks up cop pal Meng Zi (Shawn Yue) for help.
[1] But in fact, his thirty selections in Antikchinesische Texte come from Lun yu (3 passages), Dao de jing (3), Li ji (4), Zhong yang (1), Da xue (1), [2] Meng zi (4), Han Fei zi (1), Zuo zhuan (6), Shi ji (1), Xun zi (2), Mo zi (1), and--surprisingly--Shi jing (1), i.e., narrowing the focus very much to that of his two recent predecessors.