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v. i.1.To mix.
[imp. Mente, Meinte; p. p. Ment, Meint.]
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He suggests that, despite the tendency of English translations to obscure the point, Menge as "multitude" should not be conflated with apparent synonyms like Massen ("masses") or Heerde ("herd").
Kenley Menge, 4, and her big brother, Easton, 6, both of Coburg, were ready for all the entrants as they marched down LaSalle Street - many armed with candy to throw, from Hot Tamales to Tootsie Rolls.
Remains of at least three individuals found at a central Flores site, called Mata Menge, probably represent early versions of H.
This emerged from Dr Deon Menge, the South African Medical Association (SAMA)'s 'point man' for RWOPS and a key member of the national RWOPS committee advising Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, the National Minister of Health.
Ed Huesers and Guy Menge built many a snow cave together before they co-founded Grand Shelters in 1998.
Brightly and colorfully illustrated throughout by Bobbi Switzer, "Queen Vernita's Visitors" author Dawn Menge draws upon creative imagination, her friends and family, and her experiences working with severely handicapped children to create a wholesome, entertaining, and thoroughly 'kid friendly' picturebook that will help children to learn about the days of the weeks and the seasons of the year.
Darius Knight of Surrey beat Genkay Menge in straight games but Ormesby's Danny Reed lost his set to Bora Vang, again in straight games.
Tiefgekuhltes Fleisch ist um 2,2% im Wert angestiegen, in der Menge aber um 0,8% gesunken.
Economic Development Officer of the Year is Tracy Menge of Eskasoni First Nation, N.
WET DAY: The rain fell, but this event was no washout as many turned out to help rescued dogs, among them Susie, seen here with Jo Wilson, and Niles pictured with Ray Menge.
Bradley 1983, ter Braak 1986, Menge and Sutherland 1987, Polis 1991, 1994, Diehi 1992, 1993) has led Polis and Strong (1996) to question the validity of the trophic level concept and the generality of trophic cascades.