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v. i.1.To mix.
[imp. Mente, Meinte; p. p. Ment, Meint.]
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With the score at 2-1, Drinkhall beat Menge 11-1 in the decider to clinch the match.
Diese neue Sorte enthalt eine erhohte Menge des Stoffes Sulphoraphane und kann der Halfte der Bevolkerung helfen, der ein Gen fehlt, das dafur sorgt, dass der Korper diesen pflanzlichen Stoff nutzen kann, so Professor Richard Mithen, Wissenschaftler am IFT und Leiter des Projekts.
The Mata Menge finds date to between 880,000 and 800,000 years ago.
Hella was one of the first automotive suppliers to develop integrated electronic pedal-sensor modules for gasoline and diesel engines, added Winfried Menge, vice president of Marketing and Business Development for Hella Electronics Corporation.
Felicity Menge, Channel Partner Network Manager, expressed her excitement about heading AVOXI's new efforts: "I am looking forward to growing our clients' businesses by providing them with a professional Tier 1 service that is non-negotiable on customer support.
Menge - Alicia and Mason Menge, of Springfield, a son.
Then in his second match, he beat the top group seed Gencay Menge of Turkey in a tight fought five setter.
Diese Menge reicht nicht annahernd als Begrundung fur den Ruckgang der Exporte aus Thailand aus.
Their children and their spouses are Dirk and Kelli Gilliam, Valerie and Marvin Menge and Joni Gilliam, all of Eugene; Audrey and Michael Young of Roseburg; and Brenda and Jay Sieminski of Leaburg.
Reed is the second in his group with Turkey's Gencay Menge heading the list.
Da aber erst ein Drittel der Menge vor den Regenfallen in Europa geerntet worden war, haben wir emsthaft daruber nachgedacht, die Produktion in den Vereinigten Staaten zu erhohen.