Menlo Park

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Men·lo Park

A district of Edison, New Jersey, southwest of New York City. A memorial tower marks the site of the laboratory where Thomas Edison perfected the incandescent light bulb in 1879.

Men′lo Park′

(ˈmɛn loʊ)
a village in central New Jersey, SE of Plainfield: site of Thomas Edison's laboratory, 1876–87.
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Holdsworthy's family lived in a delightful bungalow near Menlo Park, and here Daylight spent a number of weekends, seeing a fineness and kindness of home life of which he had never dreamed.
Gow Yum, twenty years before, had had charge of the vegetable garden of one of the great Menlo Park estates.
But this idea was dispelled when it was learned that he had sold all his possessions,--his city mansion, his country house at Menlo Park, his paintings, and collections, and even his cherished library.