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Family of American psychiatrists, including Charles Frederick (1862-1953) and his sons Karl Augustus (1893-1990) and William Claire (1899-1966). The family founded the Menninger Clinic (1920) and the Menninger Foundation (1941), both dedicated to psychiatric treatment, research, training, and public education.


(ˈmɛn ɪŋ ər)

Karl Augustus, 1893–1990, U.S. psychiatrist.
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Noun1.Menninger - United States psychiatrist and son of Charles Menninger (1899-1966)
2.Menninger - United States psychiatrist and son of Charles Menninger (1893-1990)
3.Menninger - United States psychiatrist who with his sons founded a famous psychiatric clinic in Topeka (1862-1953)
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NEW ORLEANS--In 2001, a patient at the Menninger Clinic, Houston, asked whether her husband could be with her during ECT treatments so she'd feel safer.
Synopsis: Tyra Manning learned that her husband had been killed in the Vietnam War from her psychiatrist at the Menninger Clinic, where she had been hospitalized for clinical depression.
Xiaofan Li, Daryl Shorter, and Thomas Kosten, of the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine and Michael E.
She covers making theological sense out of suffering, sin, and sickness: Cotton Mather; Christian vocation and the shape of the secular profession: Benjamin Rush; advocating for the helpless, forgotten, and insane: Dorthea Dix; reclaiming religious authority in medicine: Anton Boisen; and a passionate plea to engage finds lukewarm reaction: Karl Menninger.
Menninger was, of course, founder of the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, which now thrives in Houston, Texas, at Baylor College of Medicine.
They might become “weller than well” as Karl Menninger called this phenomenon in his study of remitted in schizophrenic patients.
From my experience at The Menninger Clinic, a leading psychiatric hospital in Houston, I can attest that body image concerns are often heightened in those identifying as homosexual, and possibly even more pronounced in patients experiencing gender dysphoria who may identify as transgender.
The Menninger Epicenter was created to provide a safe harbor for individuals with mental illnesses to heal.
This analysis stirred memories of two incidents that occurred in my predoctoral internship in clinical psychology at Topeka State Hospital, where diagnostic conferences for new patients were led by psychiatric residents who were being trained by Topeka's Menninger Foundation.
Oldham, chief of staff at the Menninger Clinic in Houston.
ReelzChannel's "JFK: The Smoking Gun" is based on the work of retired Australian police Detective Colin McLaren and the book "Mortal Error: The Shot that Killed JFK" by Bonar Menninger.
au, 'JFK: The Smoking Gun', is based on the work of retired Australian police Detective Colin McLaren and the book 'Mortal Error: The Shot that Killed JFK', by Bonar Menninger.

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