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Family of American psychiatrists, including Charles Frederick (1862-1953) and his sons Karl Augustus (1893-1990) and William Claire (1899-1966). The family founded the Menninger Clinic (1920) and the Menninger Foundation (1941), both dedicated to psychiatric treatment, research, training, and public education.


(ˈmɛn ɪŋ ər)

Karl Augustus, 1893–1990, U.S. psychiatrist.
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Noun1.Menninger - United States psychiatrist and son of Charles Menninger (1899-1966)
2.Menninger - United States psychiatrist and son of Charles Menninger (1893-1990)
3.Menninger - United States psychiatrist who with his sons founded a famous psychiatric clinic in Topeka (1862-1953)
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Menninger approaches employer behavioral/mental health issues in a new integrated way and has set the bar higher for other vendors to follow.
That honour belongs to Homer, whose delineation of the self-destructive impulses of Ajax and Achilles in The Iliad anticipate the researches of Sigmund Freud, Emil Kraepelin and Karl Menninger by nearly three millennia.
Adorno's later writings on Fromm developed other themes, arguing that neo-Freudianism had moved outside the legitimate boundaries of psychoanalysis for being excessively sociological and his sociology was too individualistic (Adorno, 1967; Adorno, 1968), an argument to which both psychoanalysts and sociologists have long been sympathetic (Menninger, 1941; Green, 1946).
Charles Menninger, who founded the Menninger Clinic, says homeopathy is now capable of satisfying today's therapeutic demands as well as if not better than any other form of medicine.
During a recent conference on how to develop "a caring society," sponsored by the Menninger Foundation, the participants concluded that schools must help children develop their caring capacity.
According to statistics from the Menninger Perspective, it is believed that one child in ten is the object of violent abuse by a parent or caregiver; and one out of every three women report sexual abuse as children (Craig, 1995, p.
Malcolm, the often-cited case on prison conditions in New York, Judge Lasker quoted expert testimony from Karl Menninger, the late psychiatrist, who described noncontact visiting as "the most unpleasant and most disturbing detail in the whole prison," and a practice that constitutes "a violation of ordinary principles of humanity." Dr.
I was a friend of Karl Menninger and Victor Frankl, and both of them said, "Schuller, met." When I asked them, "What is intuition?" they both said, "I don't know." I personally think intuition is a powerful channel of the human psyche where God is allowed, through His Holy Spirit, to penetrate our consciousness.
Harry Levinson's professional career in management began in 1954 at The Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas, where he spent 14 years creating and developing the Division of Industrial Mental Health.
As the psychiatrist Karl Menninger said, pooh-poohing the Kinsey report, Women pay me to listen to their sexual confessions, and even then they can't tell me the truth.
Each year, approximately 780,000 employees become so physically disabled that they cannot return to work at all for five months or more, according to The Menninger Return to Work Centers in Topeka, KS.
We thank Lois Bogia, Assistant Librarian, Professional Library at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, for sharing her experiences with us.

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