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Noun1.Mennonitism - system of beliefs and practices including belief in scriptural authorityMennonitism - system of beliefs and practices including belief in scriptural authority; plain dress; adult baptism; foot washing; restriction of marriage to members of the group
Protestantism - the theological system of any of the churches of western Christendom that separated from the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation
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For those who in the mid- to late-twentieth century admired Yoder for carrying notions of Christian nonviolence and discipleship to the larger world, the theologian embodied Mennonitism.
3) Our conversation turned on the relevance of Bender's Anabaptist vision for European Christianity in the postwar ecclesiastical and spiritual context, as well as for American Mennonitism.
Mennonite readers "in the know" can probably establish timelines for the other essays since Mennonitism, like other ethnicities in Canada, has tended towards assimilation over time.
Were the "sounds" of Catholicism, Lutheranism, and Mennonitism the same?
The violent antagonism of the Munsterites or the non-violent antagonism of the Hutterites can lead "to social anarchy or spiritual arrogance," while the tolerant, assimilationist posture of later Dutch Mennonitism can lead to "blind allegiance [to civil authorities] or quiet complacency" (239).
While defending a Christian rejection of violence, Yoder also began to revise the church-world dualism of the North American Mennonitism into which he had been educated.
However, Regehr maintains, this transformation is not to be understood as assimilation, but rather as an accommodation whereby the central distinctives of Mennonitism remain, finding new meanings and new relevancies.
Stauffer--to cite further examples--are noted for introducing dispensationalism, a "special flavor" of piety, and "unique techniques of biblical interpretation" into Old Mennonitism.
Loewen experienced the same struggle in his own life, embarking on a pilgrimage from ethnic Mennonitism to North American soul-winning evangelicalism to a discovery of an Anabaptist vision (i.
The January 1937 issue of the MQR reported on the third assembly in the Netherlands by printing the presentations made at that assembly, which surveyed "the past history and present state of Mennonitism in the various lands of the world in which Mennonites are found today.
It slaughtered the sacred cows of institutionalized Mennonitism on all sides by dramatizing .
Radikaler Pazifismus is Goertz's mature judgment of Schleitheimian Anabaptism, and, by extension, most forms of historical Mennonitism, and by further extension, many forms of the Free Church.