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 (mə-nŏt′ē), Gian Carlo 1911—2007.
Italian-born American composer of operas including Amahl and the Night Visitors (1951).


(məˈnɒtɪ; Italian meˈnɔtti)
(Biography) Gian Carlo (dʒan ˈkarlo). 1911–2007, Italian composer, in the US from 1928. His works include the operas The Medium (1946), The Consul (1950), Amahl and the Night Visitors (1951), and Giorno di Nozze (1988)


(məˈnɒt i)

Gian Carlo (dʒɑn) born 1911, U.S. composer, born in Italy.
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Noun1.Menotti - United States composer (born in Italy) of operas (born in 1911)
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Para Menotti lo que ha pasado desde entonces "es que hubo una gran continuidad, una gran evolucion.
TRIVIA: Argentina's chainsmoking coach Cesar Luis Menotti typically got through 25 cigarettes in 90 minutes
While a student there, he was chosen by Gian-Carlo Menotti to sing the tide role in Menotti's Christmas opera Amahl and the Night Visitors, which he performed annually on NBC television from 1952 through 1955.
Ardiles still remembers the enormous influence that Cesar Luis Menotti, who coached the 1978 team, had on Argentina's football.
Menotti and son steer Italy's most venerable festival on a melodious course
La directiva del Independiente de Argentina destituyo al entrenador Cesar Luis Menotti, quien horas antes de que se tomara esta decision habla anunciado que no estaba dispuesto a dimitir, pese al pobre rendimiento del equipo en el torneo local y en la Copa Mercosur.
Writing of The Last Savage, Jackson describes Menotti as "a kind of early-day Andrew Lloyd Webber of opera (that is, a composer-chef to whom digestibility was of more moment than either sustenance or taste)" (p.
The ensemble, directed by Karen Esquivel, will perform two short one-act operas in English: "The Old Maid and the Thief" by Gian-Carlo Menotti and "Trouble in Tahiti" by Leonard Bernstein.
He had twice been leading scorer in La Liga while playing for Valencia, but nonetheless he had something to prove in the eyes of Argentinian fans when he was picked for the squad by Cesar Menotti.
Honors: Hillary Atstupenas, Benjamin Charpentier, Brandon Coffey, Joshua Cunningham, Alexandra Flynn, Molly Flynn, Abanoub Henes, Emily Holder, Michael McGovern, Anthony Menotti, Tinisha Mitchell, Patrick Mullarkey, Nicole Perregaux, Kevin Salvaggio, Sean Sannicandro, Nicole Senecal, Michael Tate, Abigail Wojtowicz and Alexander Wolf.