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1. Feats of mental power that are not explainable by science, such as telepathy and mind reading.
2. Philosophy
a. Any of several doctrines holding that mental phenomena are real and interact with the real world and are not necessarily reducible to the functioning of the brain.
b. A doctrine that the justification of any belief lies ultimately in the mind of the person holding the belief.

men′tal·ist n.
men′tal·is′tic adj.


(ˈmɛn tl ɪst)

1. a person who believes in or advocates mentalism.
2. a mind reader or fortune-teller.
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Nipin Niravath is considered one of the greatest mentalists in India.
Now we also have mentalists performing mentalism (rest assured: it's not a cerebral defect) in front of audiences.
Even those celebrities who do not like magic or have seen many other magicians and mentalists before, were totally stunned and amazed by my performances," he says.
Anyone expecting the consistent hilarity of One Man, Two Guvnors is likely to be disappointed although The Mentalists is undoubtedly funny in parts and could well appeal to fans of The Office.
Don't worry though, you can still see plenty of Mentalists on Channel 5.
Telling everyone how it's done has not endeared him to his fellow mentalists.
Avram Noam Chomsky, the leading figure among the mentalists created a great stir among the linguists of the Northern America when he announced his mentalist ideas.
Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti all do a fine job of sometimes literally staying one step behind Patrick Jane; Amanda is pregnant so desks and mentalists are handy for hiding her non-storyline bump.
The Discovery Channel hailed the Evasons as a "new generation of Mentalists.
Perhaps, but most of us -- skilled mentalists or otherwise -- couldn't bring a head-shaking and clearly delighted Mike Wallace to build a recent ``60 Minutes'' segment around our abilities.
Mentalists do not use big boxes or make a white rabbit appear out of top hats but try to enter the most sacred place - our mind", says Friedrich, who was the best performer in mental magic at the world magic championship, held in Beijing in 2009.
IMAGINE tackling The Times' cryptic crossword and Sudoku at the same time and you'd have a rough idea of just how challenging Swedish metal mentalists Meshuggah are to get your head around.