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Noun1.Mentzelia - genus of bristly herbs or subshrubs of western America lacking stinging hairsMentzelia - genus of bristly herbs or subshrubs of western America lacking stinging hairs
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Loasaceae, loasa family, Loasaceae - family of bristly hairy sometimes climbing plants; America and Africa and southern Arabia
blazing star, Mentzelia laevicaulis, Mentzelia livicaulis - biennial of southwestern United States having white stems and toothed leaves that is grown for its large pale yellow flowers that open in early morning
bartonia, Mentzelia lindleyi - annual grown especially for its fragrant golden nocturnal flowers
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Serpentine-tolerant plants such as Silene (Bratteler et al., 2006, b), Lasthenia (Rajakaruna, 2003), Layia (Baldwin, 2005), Leptosiphon (Kay et al., 2011), Streptanthus (Pope et al., 2014), and Collinsia (Moyle et al., 2012); metal-tolerant plants including Alyssum, Caulanthus, and Thalspi (Noccaea) (Mengoni et al., 2003a, b; Burrell et al., 2012; Gill et al., 2012); selenium-tolerant plants such as Stanleya and Astragalus (Schiavon & Pilon-Smits, 2017); and gypsophiles such as Mentzelia, Nama, and Helianthemum (Moore et al., 2014 and references therein) are ideal for testing how findings from the model plants may be applicable across a wider range of wild plants experiencing a broader array of edaphic pressures.
It's strange to find this Mentzelia montana, the Mountain Blazingstar, blooming so late in the year.
pinkush, shukumunti Loasaceae Caiophora Latak shinua, 13 cirsiifolia C.Presl gachgu shinua, shishu shinua Loasaceae Mentzelia scabra Anguaratee, 22 Kunth pega pega, tapa tapa Loasaceae Nasa grandiflora Boton shinua, 4 (Desr.) Weigend hatun shinua, puma shinua, urqu shinua Loranthaceae Tristerixperuvianus Pupa, suelda 5 (Pacz.) Kuijt con suelda Malvaceae Eriotheca ruizii Utko, aceqora (K.Schum.) A.Robyns Malvaceae Fuertesimalva Puchmus leptocalyx (Krapov.) Fryxell Malvaceae Lepechinia meyenii Salvia 14 (Walp.) Epling Malvaceae Malva parviflora L.
* 27.9 0 0 0 Mentzelia albicaulis (Douglas ex Hook.) 0 0.4 0 0 Douglas ex Torr.
white sweet clover Melilotus officinalis (L.) Pallas yellow sweet clover Mentzelia decapetala ten-petal stickleaf (Pursh ex Sims) Urban Mimosa quadrivalvis L.
Rodrigues & Tozzi, Mentzelia corumbaensis Hoehne, Mimosa ferricola R.R.
Function of Mentzelia nuda (Loasaceae) postfloral nectaries in seed defense.
Blazingstar plants (Mentzelia hispida: Loasaceae), a bat-trapping plant.