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Noun1.Menura - type and sole genus of the family MenuridaeMenura - type and sole genus of the family Menuridae
bird genus - a genus of birds
lyrebird - Australian bird that resembles a pheasant; the courting male displays long tail feathers in a lyre shape
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The latter can be brought about by lyrebirds (Menura novaehollandiae), which cause substantial disturbance and mix soil and litter to a depth of 10 cm (Ashton and Bassett 1997).
It was reported in Wild Life in 1939 that Ray T Littlejohns (famed for his work on the Superb Lyrebird Menura novaehollandiae and Mistletoebird Dicaeum hirundinaceum, and a president of the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union) had been experimenting with the use of an automated camera with an 'open flash-lamp' in order to take pictures of the Yellow-rumped Thornbill Acanthiza chrysorrhoa in its nest.