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n. Often Offensive

[Vietnamese Mèo.]
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"Then let us put up an orison." Pulling off his cap, and clasping his hands, he chanted in a shrill voice: "Benedictus dominus Deus meus, qui docet manus meas ad proelium, et digitos meos ad bellum." A strange figure he seemed to his three squires, perched on his huge horse, with his eyes upturned and the wintry sun shimmering upon his bald head.
Di Meo's Ices, in Whitley Bay, has twice been crowned the best ice cream maker in Britain.
Luciano De Meo said family had snapped up the unit in The Malings, seeing an opportunity to become part of the thriving new community of independent businesses.
The new Ka-band satellites will join SES's existing constellation of 16 MEO satellites manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, orbiting at approximately 8,000 km from Earth and serving customers based in more than 40 countries.
There are over 70,000 Meo voters in one constituency of NA-137 and a majority of them live in rural areas, particularly in the villages near the Indian border.
MEO VOTERS BACK PTI: Since the electioneering season was started, all the parties were in the race to attract the voters.
Denying that he had intention to leave the party, Meo vowed that he would expose the corrupt elements within the party.
MEO supplemented into basal diet in quails raising in low ambient temperature considerably decreased serum glucose, triglyceride, total cholesterol, uric acid, and total protein levels compared to the control group (Pa$?0.05).
ARRIS International plc (Nasdaq:ARRS), a provider of entertainment and communications technology, announced on Friday that the the ARRIS VIP5662EW Ultra-HD set-top has been selected by Altice-owned Portugal Telecom for its recently launched MEO 4K service in Portugal.
MEO has onshore and offshore oil interests in Australia and New Zealand.