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 (mĕf′ĭ-stŏf′ə-lēz′) also Me·phis·to (mə-fĭs′tō)
The devil in the Faust legend to whom Faust sold his soul.

Me·phis′to·phe′le·an, Me·phis′to·phe′li·an (mə-fĭs′tō-fē′lē-ən, -fēl′yən, mĕf′ĭ-stō-) adj.


(ˌmɛfɪˈstɒfɪˌliːz) or


(European Myth & Legend) a devil in medieval mythology and the one to whom Faust sold his soul in the Faust legend
Mephistophelean, Mephistophelian adj


(ˌmɛf əˈstɒf əˌliz)

also Me•phis•to

(məˈfɪs toʊ)

(in the Faust legend) the devil who tempts Faust.
Meph`is•to•phe′li•an, Meph`is•to•phe′le•an (-stəˈfi li ən) adj.
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Noun1.Mephistopheles - evil spirit to whom Faust sold his soulMephistopheles - evil spirit to whom Faust sold his soul


[ˌmefɪsˈtɒfɪliːz] NMefistófeles
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Sergio Pitol and George Henson (translator); MEPHISTO'S WALTZ; Deep Vellum Publishing (Fiction: Translations) 15.95 ISBN: 9781941920831
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In an attempt to gain control of the Earth, Mephisto (Emil Jannings) wagers an angel (Werner Fuetterer) that he can corrupt the soul of the elderly professor Faust (Gosta Ekman).
Too late she learns that the members are dead souls who have pledged everything to Eryx, the oldest Mephisto brother who wants to control the world and stamp out free will.
London, June 2 (ANI): The world's deepest dwelling multicellular organisms have been identified as Halicephalobus mephisto and nematodes, non-segmented worms measuring up to .02 inches long.
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