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n.1.Any of several large groupers of warm seas, esp. the guasa (Epinephelus guaza), the red grouper (Epinephelus morio), the black grouper (Epinephelus nigritas), distinguished as Me"ro de lo al"to ( ), and a species called also rock hind, distinguished as Me"ro ca*brol"la ( ).
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Mera Who Matlab Nahi Thha follows the life of Preetam Kumar Chopra and Hema Roy who grew up together in Chandni Chowk.
FIRs has been lodged against the arrested persons who were identified as Taj Mohammad s/o Mir Ali and Amin Jan s/o Abdur Rehman residents of Surizai area, Usman s/o Ishaq of Ghari Ghulam Shah, Yousaf s/o Atlas Khan, Ihsan s/o Nasrullah, Adil s/o Gul Nabbi and Fazli Mula s/o Syda Jan residents of Mera Surizai, Ibrahim s/o Juma Gul, Sher Akbar s/o Naveed Akbar resident of Ghari Fazli Khaliq, Riaz s/o Juma Khan of Motorway Naka Bandi, Sheikh Zamin s/o Khial Zameer of Baghbanan, Abdul Qadoos s/o Zar Jan of Badbher, Toor Khan s/o Haleem of Surizai Payan, Ghaznullah s/o Lal Gul and Fazal s/o Zia residents of Miskeen Camp and Rab Nawaz s/o Aziz Khan resident of Ghari Fazal Khaliq.
Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha in Hindi translates to aACAyThat is not what I meant'.
She stated that the experience of Mera Chand Model High School may be helpful to the provinces in implementing the projects of adult literacy.
Group, said: "The DISTREE MERA awards are one of the most prestigious awards for the
expanded the scope of that doctrine, while Minnesota courts used MERA to
My aim with Satyug Gold and Satyug mera gold plan specifically is truly to be able to make gold affordable to the consumers.
We are particularly delighted that LuLu Hypermarket, Bahrain, has won the MERA Best Retailer of the Year award for its performance as top IT retail channel," said LuLu Hypermarket regional director Juzer Rupawala.
Safar Travel and Tourism, the travel arm of Al Fahim Group, collaborated with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, UAE to sponsor Mera with her mother, uncle and aunt.
Arias insisted that Mera was not deliberately targeted.