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n.1.Any of several large groupers of warm seas, esp. the guasa (Epinephelus guaza), the red grouper (Epinephelus morio), the black grouper (Epinephelus nigritas), distinguished as Me"ro de lo al"to ( ), and a species called also rock hind, distinguished as Me"ro ca*brol"la ( ).
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Embassy raised its concern about the May 2006 circular prohibiting group worship in private homes with the MERA and encouraged the Government to consider easing restrictions, as well as broadening and strengthening channels of communication with non-Islamic religious communities.
Mera made the comment at a press conference after the day's shareholders' meeting, saying, ''To maintain stable surplus, we need to have four or five routes.
Gail remarried in 1991 to Frank Paplanus, an electronic technician, who currently cares for Michael and Mera.
Under the program, ITXC and MERA will continue to work together to assure that networks using MERA's MVTS can immediately use ITXC VoIPLink Service for direct VoIP interconnection with ITXC.
In October 1998, the district court dismissed the MERA claim, apparently because it concluded that the claim was barred by Minn.
Mera believed that shape and decorative style were the two formal attributes most important in the development of Pueblo pottery.
As one of our key suppliers, we recognize the significant contributions that MERA has made to further our core product technology.
However, before Heard plays the regal queen, she will be seen portraying Mera in the upcoming "Justice League" film which hits theatres on Nov.
The Deputy Commissioner, Iqbal Hussain, informed media persons that on completion of all the surveys by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the revenue department of the district administration had launched a process to acquire 6000 kanals of land in three villages of the Sawan Mera Union Council in Tanawal area.
The moon was not sighted on Saturday," MERA tweeted on its official twitter account.
ISLAMABAD -- National Book Foundation (NBF) has published a new poetry book of 296 pages titled Dill To Mera Udaas Hai Nasir with a tag price of Rs 210.
Addressing the prize distribution ceremony of Mera Chand Model School organized by Mera Chand Welfare Trust, she appreciated the tremendous efforts of the Trust for adult literacy and said that this institution has done a miraculous work within a limited time which proves its strong motivation and commitment to the cause of education.