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The second brightest star in the constellation Ursa Major, approximately 79 light years from Earth. It is one of the seven stars that form the Big Dipper and aligns with Dubhe to point to Polaris.

[Medieval Latin, from Arabic marāqq (al-dubb al-'akbar), the loins (of the Great Bear), from marāqq, tender areas of the lower abdomen, loins, from raqqa, to be thin, tender; see rqq in Semitic roots.]
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In May, Dana began drilling at the offshore Merak well in Block 6, saying it could hold up to four trillion cubic feet of gas.
The Great Bear's two brightest stars, Dubhe and Merak, point towards Polaris, the Pole Star, which is evocative Standing tall Paisley Abbey of Jesus Christ, the Star of Jacob, who illuminated the hearts and minds of the Sons of Light.
Aung Ye Kyaw, the founder and chief executive of White Merak Co which created Myanmar's first-ever animated comic application, expects tech entrepreneurs to mainly focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning and workflow automation in the near future.
The number of households depending onyaks for livelihood in Merak, a hamlet 3,0006,000m in the mountains of Trashigang,has declined over the years.Climate change is a reality that is threatening the traditionalway of life in the highlands.Higher altitudes areregistering increasingtemperatures during warmermonths resulting in heatstress in yaks, which directlyaffect the nomads who relyon yaks for their livelihood.
A mid-engined Italian with a French twist, the Merak became one of Maserati's best sellers, walking a fine line between price and exotic performance.
--Dhadak Merak; the framework of bamboo and rattan as a place to set Merak (Peacock) feathers to describe a Peacock that is developing its feathers (ngigel), biting a string of beads (tasbih).
Coming up fast behind them was a gorgeous 1975 Maserati Merak. This rare, original right-hand drive model, formerly owned by musician Andy Leek of Dexys Midnight Runners fame, sold for PS71,000.
President Director of PT Modern Industrial Estate, Pascall Wilson, said that Cikande is supported by easy accesses to the three major ports of Ciwandan, Cigading and Merak Mas.
La 3e place est revenue a la troupe de la Cooperative culturelle [beaucoup moins que] Nokta [beaucoup plus grand que] d'Oran qui a participe avec sa piece [beaucoup moins que] Nawafid [beaucoup plus grand que] ecrite par Ali Nacer et mise en scene par Moulay Meliani Mohamed Merak. Le jury a qualifie les representations toutes en langue arabe classique d'un niveau excel-lent.
Post Commander of Bar Qamberkhel Israr and Commander Jalil Afridi received information that some drug selling were busying in their heinous business of selling heroin and ice in the Sorkas area, the force arrested two drug sellers identified as Abid son of Nawab Khan and Merak from the area and recovered packets of heroin and ice drugs from their possessions.
Ogrencilerin laboratuar calismasinin ilgi ve merak uyandirmasi acisindan gorusleri incelendiginde, hem arteriyel kan basinci olcumu, hem subkutan enjeksiyon uygulamasi ile ilgili laboratuar calismalarinda standart hasta ile calisan ogrencilerin cogunlugu laboratuar calismalarinin yeterli ilgi ve meraki uyandirdigini belirtirken, maket ile calisan ogrencilerde bu oranlar anlamli duzeyde azalmistir.
Cabot Corporation announced that its carbon black manufacturing facility in Merak, Indonesia will close.