Mercalli scale

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Mer·cal·li scale

 (mər-kä′lē, mĕr-)
A scale of earthquake intensity based on observed effects and ranging from I (detectable only with instruments) to XII (causing almost total destruction).

[After Giuseppi Mercalli (1850-1914), Italian seismologist.]

Mercalli scale

(Geological Science) a 12-point scale for expressing the intensity of an earthquake, ranging from 1 (not felt, except by few under favourable circumstances) to 12 (total destruction). Compare Richter scale See also intensity4
[C20: named after Giuseppe Mercalli (1850–1914), Italian volcanologist and seismologist]
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Noun1.Mercalli scale - a scale formerly used to describe the magnitude of an earthquakeMercalli scale - a scale formerly used to describe the magnitude of an earthquake; an earthquake detected only by seismographs is a I and an earthquake that destroys all buildings is a XII
geology - a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
graduated table, ordered series, scale, scale of measurement - an ordered reference standard; "judging on a scale of 1 to 10"
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In the 12-tiered Mercalli Intensity Scale, Intensity V means the quake could be felt by nearly everyone, with people roused from sleep and windows and dishes broken.
The earthquake reached Intensity X, which is considered extreme on the Mercalli intensity scale, triggering a large tsunami.
The Mercalli Intensity Scale evaluates the intensity of a quake according to observed severity at specific locations.