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See thiol.

[German, from Danish, from Medieval Latin (corpus) mercurium captāns, (a substance) seizing mercury : mercurium, accusative of mercurius, mercury; see mercury + Latin captāns, present participle of captāre, frequentative of capere, to seize; see capture.]


(Elements & Compounds) another name (not in technical usage) for thiol
[C19: from German, from Medieval Latin mercurium captans, literally: seizing quicksilver]


(mərˈkæp tæn)

any of a class of odiferous sulfur-containing compounds having the type formula RSH, where R represents a radical.
Also called thiol.
[< German (1834), shortening of Latin phrase corpus mercurium captāns body capturing quicksilver]
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Furthermore, third party indoor air screening of more than 70 homes showed typical levels of methane, and did not detect mercaptans or other sulfur compounds associated with natural gas at any levels.
This year, Dow will present a technical paper titled "Field Operational Data for Hybrid Solvent Treatment of Mercaptans in Unconventional Natural Gas", during Session B on March 22nd.
They have said past studies found no long-term health effects from mercaptans.
2]S can react with other compounds such as ethanol and sulfur-containing amino acids to form mercaptans (most notably, methyl mercaptan).
After decades of testing by various private and government agencies, a group of sulfur compounds known as mercaptans (or thiols) were proved superior to other odorizing agents in terms of producing an immediate and distinct gas smell without posing health risks, damaging equipment or sacrificing desirable properties of the natural gas.
Trace Source[TM] permeation tubes add low ppb concentrations of typical sulfur species including COS, H2S, mercaptans directly to a controlled flow of purified, beverage grade CO2 to create trace concentration calibration standards.
Hydrogen sulfide, organic sulfur compounds, mainly mercaptans are contained in natural gas.
especially volatile sulphur compounds: sulphides and mercaptans.
L'odeur des flatulences provient de petites quantites de sulfure d'hydrogene et de mercaptans dans le melange gazeux.
In his PhD thesis, Reza Sheibani, one of the Iranian researchers, produced zinc oxide thin film coatings modified with silver nanoparticles through various deposition methods such as spin coating and dip coating, and he studied its application in the purification of water polluted by sulphuric organic compounds such as mercaptans.
Ordenone is a concentrated compound that entraps malodor molecules - it "surrounds" malodor molecules such as sulfides, mercaptans, and certain aldehydes.
Synthetic mercaptans are DMPS (Dimercaptopropansulfonic acid) or DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid).