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An organophosphate compound, C10H19O6PS2, used as an insecticide.

[Alteration (influenced by parathion) of earlier malathon : alteration of male(ate) + (me)th(yl) + -on (perhaps modeled on marathon).]
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(Elements & Compounds) trademark a yellow organophosphorus insecticide used as a dust or mist for the control of house flies and garden pests. Formula: C10H19O6PS2
[C20: from (diethyl) mal(eate) + thio- + -on]
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(ˌmæl əˈθaɪ ɒn, -ən)
an organic phosphate insecticide, C10H19O6S2P, of relatively low toxicity for mammals.
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Noun1.malathion - a yellow insecticide used as a dust or spray to control garden pests and house flies and mitesMalathion - a yellow insecticide used as a dust or spray to control garden pests and house flies and mites
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
insect powder, insecticide - a chemical used to kill insects
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n malatión m
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Currently, mercaptothion (malathion) is widely applied as a foliar spray by vegetable farmers in Seychelles to control the melon fruit fly.
This study, therefore, aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of 2 newly introduced chemical insecticides, lambda-cyhalothrin, deltamethrin, in comparison with the commonly used mercaptothion (malathion) to control melon fruit fly in cucumber under field conditions.
Malathion, also known as carbophos, maldison and mercaptothion is an emulsifiable organophosphate concentrate non-systemic, wide spectrum insecticide for the control of garden and household pests [13].