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A city of central California in the San Joaquin Valley northwest of Fresno. It is near the Merced River, which rises in the Sierra Nevada and flows about 240 km (150 mi) west through Yosemite Valley to the San Joaquin River.



a city in central California. 50,270.
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Tis a queer thing, this love of men," Mercedes said.
It was on another day that Mercedes Higgins nodded, half to Saxon, and half to the dainty women's things Saxon was hanging on the line.
On her first visit to Mercedes Higgins, Saxon received the recipe for home-made soap and her head was filled with a minutiae of instruction in the art of fine washing.
Saxon chilled, and her face was grave; but Mercedes Higgins rattled on.
Mercedes continually fluttered in the way of her men and kept up an unbroken chattering of remonstrance and advice.
cried Mercedes, throwing up her hands in dainty dismay.
But Mercedes interfered, crying, "Oh, Hal, you mustn't," as she caught hold of the whip and wrenched it from him.
Rest be blanked," said Hal, with his beardless lips; and Mercedes said, "Oh
Mercedes and I are not much alarmed about the horse, although this part of Spain is in something of a turmoil, politically, at present, and there is a good deal of lawlessness.
Because Mercedes is a very fine girl, and fine girls never lack followers; she particularly has them by dozens.
Come, come," said the sailor, "I have a better opinion than you of women in general, and of Mercedes in particular; and I am certain that, captain or not, she will remain ever faithful to me.
Well, every time I have seen Mercedes come into the city she has been accompanied by a tall, strapping, black-eyed Catalan, with a red complexion, brown skin, and fierce air, whom she calls cousin.

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