v. i.1.To traffic.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Merchand has set multiple cycling records in the over-100s category,including traveling 16 miles in an hour at the age of 102,and a new over-105s category to accomodate his new achievement.
Thingslike fortune telling booths and tarot card reading sessions graced the fields ofFilinvest City Events Grounds, Muntinlupa that weekend, among many other interesting merchand finds.
Thursday's aces by Lexi Thompson and Brittany Merchand made Kemper Lakes the third course to allow two holes-in-one in the tournament's 64-year history.
Following the collaboration, Groupe GM Laurent Merchand commented: "Caudalie's products harness the power of nature, while respecting the planet.
The order of cases is as follows: March 6 morning session: Merchand v Carpenter; In re Williams, Minors; South Dearborn Environmental Improvement Assn v DEQ; Blackwell v Franchi.
The interest in the cultivation of the blackberry has grown substantially in recent years, specifically the species tradable for fresh consumption, because of these factors: 1) The high profits of the crop, 2) Fast return on investment, 3) The intensive use of labor, 4) Versatility of fruits for consumption and 5) Great possibilities for exporting the product (Merchand, 2013).
Furthermore, the effect of government size on well-being would depend on the level of trust of the general masses in the effectiveness of government and interesting insights can be gained by analyzing the composition of public spending that are characterized by strong redistributive effects (Boadway & Merchand, 1995).
'If this is a most just war that England wages these one thousand years against the Scots, then I will (= intend to) make all your wars unjust, in God's name!' SC1, Pamphlet, William Lamb, Ane Resonyng of ane Scottis and Inglis Merchand betuix Rowand and Lionis, 1550, <P 17>