Merchant service

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the mercantile marine of a country.

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Hay Denver, of the merchant service. I daresay that I might find some owner who would give me a chance as second or third officer.
By the water's edge were neat cottages with trim, tiny gardens in front of them; they were inhabited by retired captains in the merchant service, and by mothers or widows of men who had gained their living by the sea; and they had an appearance which was quaint and peaceful.
"In the English merchant service. Cabin-boy at twelve, ship's boy at fourteen, ordinary seamen at sixteen, able seaman at seventeen, and cock of the fo'c'sle, infinite ambition and infinite loneliness, receiving neither help nor sympathy, I did it all for myself--navigation, mathematics, science, literature, and what not.
I've been several voyages in the merchant service, and I think that-- Merchant service be damned.
Dantes himself was simply, but becomingly, clad in the dress peculiar to the merchant service -- a costume somewhat between a military and a civil garb; and with his fine countenance, radiant with joy and happiness, a more perfect specimen of manly beauty could scarcely be imagined.
We all began life in the merchant service. Between the five of us there was the strong bond of the sea, and also the fellowship of the craft, which no amount of enthusiasm for yachting, cruising, and so on can give, since one is only the amusement of life and the other is life itself.
Katherine's Dock House a full-fledged second mate after the hottest time of his life with Captain R-, the most dreaded of the three seamanship Examiners who at the time were responsible for the merchant service officers qualifying in the Port of London.
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Universal Air Travel Plan Inc (UATP), a privately owned payment network, has announced that it is offering a travel payment option which mitigates the high cost of corporate credit cards and provides revenue streams for issuers along with a low merchant service fee.
While most merchant service providers offer similar products and fees, there are several distinctions to consider when selecting a company to handle your daily transactions.
Verio Inc, the Englewood, Colorado-based web and domain hosting company is collaborating with iMall Inc and First Data Corp's First Data Merchant Service Corp division to produce VerioStore, a product the company calls an integrated set of software and services to establish storefronts on the web.
Users also can benefit from fast and reliable processing and tracking of credit card transactions with QuickBooks POS Merchant Service, powered by Wells Fargo Merchant Services[*].
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