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the mercantile marine of a country.

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By the water's edge were neat cottages with trim, tiny gardens in front of them; they were inhabited by retired captains in the merchant service, and by mothers or widows of men who had gained their living by the sea; and they had an appearance which was quaint and peaceful.
I've been several voyages in the merchant service, and I think that-- Merchant service be damned.
Dantes himself was simply, but becomingly, clad in the dress peculiar to the merchant service -- a costume somewhat between a military and a civil garb; and with his fine countenance, radiant with joy and happiness, a more perfect specimen of manly beauty could scarcely be imagined.
Katherine's Dock House a full-fledged second mate after the hottest time of his life with Captain R-, the most dreaded of the three seamanship Examiners who at the time were responsible for the merchant service officers qualifying in the Port of London.
com)-- Metro Merchant Services Receives National Recognition as American Small Business Champion by SCORE and Local Recognitions as Superstars in Business and David J Freschman Entrepreneur of the Year Award Delaware City, DE─ Local business Metro Merchant Services has been chosen as the winner of two prestigious awards - the SCORE American Small Business Champion and the Superstars in Business Award by the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 7, 2017-Chase Merchant Services names new chief administrative officer
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 7, 2017-Chase Merchant Services names new chief administrative officer
20 January 2017 - Gaithersburg, MD-based payment services provider Clarus Merchant Services has acquired Asheville, NC-based electronic payment processing company North American Merchant Services (NAMS) as a continuation for its plan for North American expansion, the company said.
Global Banking News-April 5, 2016--Bank of America Merchant Services announces expansion to Europe
Adams is one of six executive vice presidents at $6 billion Atlanta-based First Data, which is comprised of Western Union, First Data Merchant Services, and First Data Resources (FDR).
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 20, 2017-Clarus Merchant Services Continues Expansion with Acquisition of NAMS
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