Merchant tailor

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a tailor who keeps and sells materials for the garments which he makes.

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The box was given by Ramsay at Christmas 1826 to Robert Cairns, a Quebec City merchant tailor.
The almshouses were created in 1676 by Sir William Turner, a merchant tailor, to provide supported housing for retired people.
The elder John Milton, now in his middle forties, had set up a successful business as a professional scrivener (a cross between a notary, a money-lender, an investment broker and an estate agent) and married Sara Jeffreys, daughter of a merchant tailor.
The movement was started by four men, a lawyer, a coal merchant, a mining engineer and a merchant tailor, all meeting in Chicago.
By the middle of the eighteenth century the merchant tailor Jacob Reed was offering a choice assortment of "ready made cloths, both for Men and Boys" in New York.
13) The ambitious New York City merchant tailor George P.
Again, with the help of the 1871 census, one can distinguish between clothing manufactories operated in conjunction with wholesaling, large production units operated in conjunction with dry-goods retailing, merchant tailor workshops with typically 6-25 workers, and many small dressmaking shops.
62) All prominent merchant tailors were located on King and Yonge Streets in the CBD and the central area fringe, and there were a dozen others, exclusively located along the commercial axes outside the central area.
Clr Gladstone Goldthorpe, of Jenkyn Lane (right), a Kirkburton Urban District councillor, was the village's last surviving merchant tailor back in 1952.
Former Lord Mayors Harry Weston, George Hodgkinson and Eddie Weaver, who have all left their own lasting impression on the city, are also in the running, as are Lady Godiva and 16th century merchant tailor Sir Thomas White.
Emma, who is now in the nal year of her course, will attend a gala event on March 16 at Merchant Tailors Hall in London along with 24 other hopefuls whose designs have been shortlisted by an expert panel, including Savile Row tailors and Brigitte Stepputtis, head of design at fashion label Vivienne Westwood.
But all seemed forgotten by the time the group got to the decadent Elizabethan feast at London's Merchant Tailors Hall.