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 (mûr′shē-ə, -shə)
An Anglo-Saxon kingdom of central England. It was settled by Angles c. ad 500 and enjoyed its greatest influence during the rule (757-796) of Offa. In 874 the kingdom was overrun by the Danes and split between Wessex and the Danelaw.


(Placename) a kingdom and earldom of central and S England during the Anglo-Saxon period that reached its height under King Offa (757–96)


(ˈmɜr ʃi ə, -ʃə)

an early English kingdom in central Britain.
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He is devoted to history, and is President of the Mercian Archaeological Society.
It was previously feared all reference to the Staffordshire Regiment, which was folded into the Mercians in 2007, would be lost.
This is recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for AD 914: "Aethelflaed, the Lady of the Mercians, went with all the Mercians.
The Mercians were then penned in and forced to fight for their lives for more than a day.
Among those being remembered were Mercians Pte Douglas Halliday, 20, from Rock Ferry and Pte Alex Isaac, 20, from Eastham who drowned when the vehicle they were travelling in crashed into a canal in Afghanistan last year.
Charles is Colonel-in-Chief of the Mercians and met soldiers and officers from C Company and a contingent of Polish soldiers who will work within the Danish Battlegroup under the command of Task Force Helmand.
According to Jeff, the children of today may well be the Mercians of tomorrow.
The prince, the Colonel-in-Chief of the Cheshire Regiment and of the Mercians, said: "This solemn and historic occasion will mark the start of another chapter in the long story of loyal service to the Crown that is the history of the English county regiments.
If the Mercians go, it will break a 300-year direct link between the region and the military.
Marines, Mercians and Irish Guardsmen all lost their lives while serving on six month tours of duty.
Earlier in the day the former Cheshire regiment, who recruit the majority of the 1 Mercians from Wirral, also paraded through Ellesmere Port.
Flanker Gareth Gravell, who returned from illness as a second half replacement against Bristol ten days, is one of four Coventry players in the Mercians side, joining Jared Barker, Alex Gluth and Dave Campton.