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Noun1.Mercurialis - a genus of slender herbs belonging to the family EuphorbiaceaeMercurialis - a genus of slender herbs belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Euphorbiaceae, family Euphorbiaceae, spurge family - a family of plants of order Geraniales
boys-and-girls, herb mercury, herbs mercury, Mercurialis annua - Eurafrican annual naturalized in America as a weed; formerly dried for use as a purgative, diuretic or antisyphilitic
dog mercury, dog's mercury, Mercurialis perennis - European perennial weedy plant with greenish flowers
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This approach has been employed to develop several gender-linked molecular markers in dioecious plants, including Silene latifolia [19], Pistacia vera [20], Cannabis sativa [21], Humulus lupulus [22], Actinidia chinensis [23], Atriplex garrettii [24], Carica papaya [25], Salix viminalis [26], Rumex acetosa [27], Mercurialis annua [28], and Eucommia ulmoides [29].
Mercury is one of the most toxic elements to human health, causing several symptoms related to polyneuropathy mercurialis, neurasthenia, etc.
It is Cosmetic) Mercurialis annua, inhalant, skin refreshing Pseudevernia prunastri, and invigorating.
Some plant medicines are prepared by steaming such as the Micrococca mercurialis. The plant leaves are wrapped in a banana leaf, then wrapped along with other staple foods in additional banana leaves and cooked.
In the first book of skin diseases, De morbis cutaneis et omnibus corporis humani excrementis tractaus, Hieronymus Mercurialis (1530-1606) dealt with various types of white patches and their remedies.
Studies regarding the improvement of the quality of life through exercise were numerous, since the second half of the 16th century (1569), when the physician Hieronymus Mercurialis published in Venice the book "Ars gimnastica", in which he divided gymnastics into three branches: military, medical, and athletic, and he returns to the word "gymnastica", using it instead of "exercitium" or "exercitic"; Don Francesco Amoros (1770-1848) creates in France, in the Modern Age, a system of gymnastics divided into three categories: civilian gymnastics, military gymnastics, and medical gymnastics.
repandus (Willdenow) Miiller Argoviensis * Mercurialis leiocarpa Sicbold 9 & Zuccarini * Sauropus androgynus (L.) Merrill 5 Linaceac Tirpitzia ovoidea Chun & F.
Moreover, this community hold several synanthropic and alien species, asOpuntiaficus-indica, Ailanthus altissima, Arundo donax, Robinia pseudoacacia, Brassica fruticulosa, Dittrichia viscosa, Mercurialis annua, Piptatherum miliaceum subsp.
Sylvestris (Villiers)Brenan, NA 42 Apocynaceae, Nyonza T Thicket Fr/R Carissa edulis Vahl, (Plant), NA 36 Solanaceae, Nume H Grassland Lvs Solanum y'ekyalo macrocarpon Lam., NA 21 Passifloraceae, Wuju Cl Thicket Fr Passiflora quadrangularis, NA 84 Hyadnaceae, Amaleere H Banana Wh Lentinus prolifer plantation Engl., NA 63 Euphorbiaceae, Kalyabakyala H Grassland Lvs Micrococca mercurialis Benth., NA 60 Solanaceae, Katuntunu H Home Fr Physalis minima L., garden NA 74 Cucurbitaceae, Kyangwe Cl Climbing Fr Luffa cylindrica on Cogn.
and Medicago sp.), and 10% other family plants (Stellaria media, Mercurialis annua, Brassica sp., Malva sylvestris, and Lactuca serriola).