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Heralded as the hottest opening in the country in the last year, Wa Ale is the first exclusive property to be found on the previously untouched Mergui Archipelago and claims a prime position surrounded by nothing by aquamarine water, pristine white sandy beaches, majestic rock formations and lush vegetation.
Guests adventurous enough to visit the untouched tourist regions will also enjoy a series of new resorts being planned for the pristine beach locations of the Mergui Archipelago. For example, Wa Ale Eco Lodge will start to welcome guests from October 2018, featuring 11 Luxury Tented Beach Villas and nine Treetop Villas on the pristine Wa Ale Island.
At Myanmar's most southwestern stretch, along the country's border with Thailand, lie the 800 islands that comprise the Mergui Archipelago. Nestled in the Andaman Sea and surrounded by coral reefs, the islands vary in size - from nearly imperceptible from the air to hundreds of square miles big.
For the more adventurous, Raja Laut has a licence to cruise the waters of the Mergui Archipelago in southern Myanmar (Burma), where 800 islands remain to be discovered by pretty much everyone other than a few brave cruising yachtsmen (and it's okay, I'd never heard of the Mergui Archipelago either) and of course the locals.