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However, now Germany and its Bundestag, which, according to Berlin's rules, must first give green light to Angela Merke's cabinet, so that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 18th of June can say "yes" for the opening of the membership talks.
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Some cemetery managers feel the QR code could violate new data protection guidelines, according to Gerd Merke, a law professor at Rhein-Main University.
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Generally the natural stones that are used in construction and decoration purposes are called dimension stone (Ashmole, 2008; Merke, 2000).
Brazil's recent foreign policy shift from developmentalism to historic "liberal realism" (realist-liberal, according to Merke, 20084), its re-alignment with the West and the shift from soft balancing (Hurrell 2006) to bandwagoning (the West) could open new opportunities for cooperation on global governance with the EU after a long period of stagnation (Saraiva 2017).
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De esta forma, las ideas sobre el costo-beneficio de implementar una estrategia de insercion no solo dependen de la posicion relativa del Estado, sino tambien del papel que se esperaria que este ejerza en el ambito internacional (Krasner, 2001; Merke, 2010).