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n.1.Any of several large groupers of warm seas, esp. the guasa (Epinephelus guaza), the red grouper (Epinephelus morio), the black grouper (Epinephelus nigritas), distinguished as Me"ro de lo al"to ( ), and a species called also rock hind, distinguished as Me"ro ca*brol"la ( ).
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Nam simul expletus dapibus, vinoque sepultus Cervicem inflexam posuit, jacuitque per antrum Immensus, saniem eructans, ac frusta cruenta Per somnum commixta mero.
Shahyan Khan, a student of Mero area, said the department concerned usually took weeks to repair the pump whenever it went out of order.
Also, Lind (chairman), Allonen, Mero and Rietbergen will continue as members of the audit committee.
Introduccion: en 2000 el magacin evangelico Christianity Today concibio Mero cristianismo como uno de los grandes libros religiosos del siglo XX, y en 2005 consideraria a C.
Country: Czech RepublicSector: Petroleum/Natural Gas/CoalTarget: Ceska Rafinerska ASBuyer: The combined Mero and Cepro firmType: Merger, StakebuildingStatus: Speculation
The physical qualities of MERO biofuel and Jet A-1 aircraft fuel are very similar (Hocko, Bajusz 2006 and 2007).
Mero has placed a bid that is much lower than the USD 200 million expected by industry specialists.
cual es el capital de simpatias inicial del Mero Mero?
In this reprint from 2007, Carlson and Mero expand upon their document, "The Natural Family: A Manifesto" from 2005 (fully provided in the preface), which presents a pro-family perspective and argues that the concept (one that is between one man and one woman who have children) is a part of human nature.
El filme es entretenido, pero fallan los elementos indispensables que rodean a Bond en Cada aventura: no hay un villano atractivo y las chicas parecen un mero pretexto.
Karimi has been performing as his apron-clad alter ego Mero Cocinero since 1997, tailoring his act to "fight community indigestion" nationwide.
An internationally recognized producer, director and actor, his most well-known film was "El reyecito o el mero mero" (The Little King or The One), produced in 1979.