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A river of northwest England flowing about 115 km (70 mi) generally westward to the Irish Sea at Liverpool. Its large estuary is navigable for oceangoing vessels.


(Placename) a river in W England, rising in N Derbyshire and flowing northwest and west to the Irish Sea through a large estuary on which is situated the port of Liverpool. Length: about 112 km (70 miles)


(ˈmɜr zi)

a river in W England, flowing W from Derbyshire to the Irish Sea. 70 mi. (115 km) long.
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In this it differs from Liverpool, from Cardiff, from Newcastle, from Glasgow; and therein the Thames differs from the Mersey, from the Tyne, from the Clyde.
The Morrow sailed from the mouth of the Mersey on the 15th of June and for several weeks we had fair breezes and unclouded skies.
"Let us waive the point." (Sir Joseph invariably used this formula as a means of at once conciliating his sister, and getting a fresh start for his story.) "I was cruising off the Mersey in a Liverpool pilot-boat.
The stop at Queenstown, the tedious passage up the Mersey, were things that he noted dimly through his growing impatience.
"Now the Dreadnought she lies in the River Mersey, Because of the tugboat to take her to sea; But when she's off soundings you shortly will know
He was passing between Manchester and Liverpool, Kurt told him; a gleaming band across the prospect was the Ship Canal, and a weltering ditch of shipping far away ahead, the Mersey estuary.
THIS month saw the historic moment that TWO bridges linking England to Wales became free for the first time in history - but all the Mersey crossings still take their toll on drivers.
CH2M HILL has been appointed as Technical and Contractual Advisor to the Mersey Gateway Crossings Board for the delivery of the Au1.86 billion Mersey Gateway Crossing Project.
The announcement has been welcomed by The Mersey Forest Partnership, whose work at the local level has made its own important contribution to these themes in recent years.
The river achieved top-ten chart and film status in 1965 with Ferry Cross the Mersey, by Gerry and the Pacemakers.
Patricia Hodgson, wife of Peel Ports Mersey managing director Gary Hodgson, acted as sponsor.
MERSEY TIGERS professional basketball team and Liverpool Basketball Club have joined forces to make the biggest basketball programme in the whole of Merseyside.

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