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(Placename) a metropolitan county of NW England, administered since 1986 by the unitary authorities of Sefton, Liverpool, St Helens, Knowsley, and Wirral. Area: 652 sq km (252 sq miles)


(ˈmɜr ziˌsaɪd)

a metropolitan county in W England. 1,456,800; 250 sq. mi. (648 sq. km).
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Merseyside Police Authority chief executive Paul Johnson told members: "Following Sir Norman Bettison's resignation as a police officer from West Yorkshire, the payment of his pension entitlement will come back into effect.
Merseyside Police Authority claimed just over pounds 2m for operational costs and pounds 828,227 for Riot Act claims.
Merseyside Police Authority approved the plans on Thursday and yesterday Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority did likewise.
Merseyside Police Authority chief executive Paul Johnson said: "In complete accord with Merseyside Police Authority policy, no police stations across Merseyside will close unless and until an improved facility is in its place.
Merseyside Police Authority chairman Cllr Bill Weightman said the force had no choice - but if convicted of any crime in relation to the Hillsborough disaster an application could be made to the Home Office to strip Mr Bettison of 65% of his pension.
Now, Merseyside Police Authority is pushing to obtain satisfactory compensation for the loss of the land.
Not only should the request for Sir Norman Bettison to resign and his knighthood be taken from him be taken seriously, the public also have ask themselves this: Why did the Merseyside Police Authority employ Bettison as chief constable against the wishes of the Merseyside people?
Last week Merseyside Police Authority announced the force's operation on August 8 and 9 - the nights parts of south Liverpool were engulfed by violence - and subsequent efforts to keep the peace would cost the taxpayer in the region of pounds 2m.
A Lands Tribunal decision has ruled the Duke of Westminster-led company must stump up pounds 746,610 to Merseyside Police Authority.
CLLR Bill Weightman was elected as chairman of Merseyside Police Authority for an eighth year.
Members of the Merseyside police authority yesterday voted to freeze their council tax precept.
IT HAS been announced that Cllr Bill Weightman, chairman of the Merseyside Police Authority is to stand for election as Police and Crime Commissioner.

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