Mesabi Range

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Me·sa·bi Range

A series of low hills in northeast Minnesota. Extensive iron ore deposits were discovered here in 1887.

Me•sa′bi Range′

(məˈsɑ bi)
a range of low hills in NE Minnesota, noted for major iron-ore deposits.
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Noun1.Mesabi Range - a range of hills in northeastern Minnesota where rich iron ore deposits were discovered in 1887Mesabi Range - a range of hills in northeastern Minnesota where rich iron ore deposits were discovered in 1887
Gopher State, Minnesota, North Star State, MN - a midwestern state
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The team closed out its 2017-2018 season with a 35-0 win over Minnesota's Mesabi Range Community College Norsemen in the 2017 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Red Grange Bowl.
6) Also as part of the notification process, Cliffs made an effort to hand-deliver a courtesy letter to Mesabi Metallics' representative Robb Bigelow about the planned activity, but he rejected receiving the letter.
The board of trustees of Mesabi Trust (NYSE:MSB) approved a distribution of USD1.
29 December 2017 - Minnesota, US-based iron ore producer Mesabi Metallics Company LLC has emerged from bankruptcy under the ownership of Chippewa Capital Partners, LLC, the company said.
PolyMet is seeking to permit, build and operate the NorthMet copper-nickel-precious metals project located in the established Mesabi Iron Range mining district in northeastern Minnesota.
Diesel Radiator Part #DR3559 or L&M Mesabi Part # 117269.
These iron ore reserves are mostly concentrated in the Mesabi Iron Ore Range in Minnesota, the Marquette iron range in Michigan and in Arizona and Texas.
The dailies include Maryland's Cecil Whig and Star Democrat of Easton, Ohio's Athens Messenger and Wisconsin's Ashland Daily Press, the Hibbing Daily Tribune and the Mesabi Daily News.
Printing of the group's Hibbing Daily Tribune, Mesabi Daily News, Grand Rapids Herald-Review, Chisholm Tribune Press, and Manney's Shopper moved to Forum Communications' new state-of-the-art facility in Duluth on April 1.
Russell himself was on top form, which was not at all surprising as his latest album, Mesabi, had just received glowing testimony from the pundits.
15 October 2012 - The trustees of Mesabi Trust (NYSE: MSB) declared a distribution of USD1.
Now Stateside singer-songwriter Tom Russell goes further, peeling back the veneer of vanity covering celebrity culture's cracks with a set of silver screen songs that makes up half his new album, Mesabi, released tomorrow.