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adv.1.Same as Mesiad.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Frons cream-yellow with 2 brown vittae, first vitta beginning just mesad of inner vertical seta, vitta broadening beyond ocellar triangle.
Nawaf al-Khalid, Amer Matoug (Mohammad Rashed 80), Fahad Awad, Hussain Fadhel, Mesad Nada, Fahad al-Enezi, Fahed al-Ebrahim (F Alrashidi 84), Talal al-Amer, Husein Mosawi (Abdilaziz Mashan 45), Bader al-Mutwa, Yousef Naser
can be detected in the shape of the pronotum, "in Dichopetala spp not at all, or more or less constricted mesad, dorsum more or less arcuate in transverse section; caudal margins of lateral lobes more or less arcuate or subtruncate" (Rehn & Hebard 1914).
7-9) with short epigynal teeth slightly longer than wide, situated in the middle of epigynum, separated more broadly than both spermathecal margins; atrium (genital opening) very broadly rectangular, situated posteriorly near epigastric furrow; copulatory ducts short, broadly semicircular in shape, extending mesad of both epigynal teeth and originating posteriorly near epigastric furrow; spermathecae cylindrical, not attached distally; spermathecal heads small and circular, situated medially on spermathecae; spermathecal base a small complicated structure, situated on lateral margin of atrium; spermathecal stalk slender, not extended, situated side-by-side between both epigynal teeth; fertilization duct short, slender, underside situated close to epigastric furrow.
Greg Gorbach, senior analyst for ARC Advisory Group, Dedham, Mass., recently wrote in ARC's Insight that "ORSI has introduced a concept, which is new to process manufacturing, in the form of a new analysis and administrative product, MESAD (MES Administrator)." Bill Swanton, senior analyst for MR Research, Boston, noted in AMR's Alert that "MESAD is more than an administrator, it is a systems engineering tool to specify and implement the business processes and data flows in a plant.
Impression mesad parascutal carina: (a) anteriorly ending just in front of tegula; (b) anteriorly continuing to anterior end of notaulus.
Tarsal claws irregularly serrate-dentate along external ventral margin distad of tooth, and irregularly pectinate along internal ventral margin mesad of tooth (Fig.
Aedeagus distally heart-shaped; parameres broad, slightly tapering with apical part smoothly curved mesad.