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a.1.Same as Mesial.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Femur with a subapical mesal setiferous tubercle and one row of four ventral setiferous tubercles.
Maximum slot height was reported in the distal slots of Mesal orthodontic brackets having a tolerance of 0.0038" or 17% (Figure 4).
Running the key to segregation of Lopesia species (Rodrigues & Maia 2010), we observed that the specimens studied resemble Lopesia erythroxyli (Rodrigues & Maia) in the setulose flagellomere necks (couplet 1), narrow gonocoxites (couplet 2'), male flagellomere not gynecoid (couplet 7'); mesal circumfila with reduced circumfilar loops (couplet 9'); L ubatubensis sp.
Setas pequenas en toda la parte ventro-lateral del margen mesal. Aedeagus alargado, mas ancho en la mitad proximal.
4) with proximal half strongly sclerotized, sensory fields circular, with ten trichobothria on basal rosettes, and a marginal trichobothrium without basal rosette, distal half also sclerotized, bearing a long mesal prong.
gundlachi Protuberances only 2: dorsal and mesal tooth; mesal tooth with terminal sclerotized spine (Fig.
Antennal length 0.90-0.97 mm, ~1.7-1.8x length of cranium; width ~0.030.04 mm (at widest part of pedicel); scape with straight sides, two pairs of distal setae (one lateral, other mesal); pedicel long, about 17-19x length of flagellum, slightly broader than the base of flagellum; flagellum short, stubby, basal flagellomere with or without mesal seta, terminus with short basolateral seta, several very short setae.
The additive conjunctions in Persian are: /Pelave, be Pelave, Pelave beer Pin/ 'in addition', /hetta, velou/ 'even', /hem/ 'too', /Pezafe, Pefzun/ 'in addition', /meselen, mesle, mesal, be Ponvane mesal/ 'for example', /vangehi, taze/ 'besides'.
Tergum IX reduced or partially fused to base of tergum X, dorsally folded into a small mesal projection over base of tergum X, hood-like in dorsal view (Fig.
A low, semi-ring-shaped mesal and dorsal (posterior) wall of the antennal sclerite entire, whereas the higher ventral (anterior) and lateral wall fragmented into seven sclerites, four of them crescent-shaped and distinctly delimited, the fifth forming basis of antennifer, an indistinctly delimited sixth represented by a sclerotization within the basi-antennal membrane (a diffused prescapite?).