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a.1.Same as Mesial.
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7) with stipes broad at base, not distinctly separated from mala, surface with 2 large setae, 1 on disk and 1 near lateral margin; mala with apex acute, comb-like setae on mesal region, with 4 distinct setae and small spinous setae on basal region.
9, 10): cymbium tip with two ventral macrosetae, lateral apophysis with mesal protrusion (Fig.
Antenna short, about half as long as total body length; segment I very short, ovoid; segment II weakly flattened, broadened toward apex, shorter than mesal pronotal length; segment III half as long as IV; segment IV slightly longer than I.
Stridulatory apparatus present, composed of row of stiff setae placed anteriorly on lateral surfaces of carapace and a few similar bristles on mesal surface of first femora.
Trochanter of pedipalpus with strong acute apical spur and short mesal spur, femur with strong, curved and short (1/3 the length of femur) ventromesal spur (Fig.
15-16): Cerci convex apically, each with several apical and apicoventral setae; hypoproct gradually widening from midlength to apex, posterior edge nearly straight across, with several apical and apicoventral setae; aedeagus dorsoventrally flattened, in dorsoventral view widest near midlength, the apex convex, 3 pairs of papillae present on each side; gonocoxite thickset at base, with cylindrical, apically rounded, elongate-setulose mesal lobe; gonostylus broadest at base, tapering to apical tooth, setulose on basal half, ridged beyond.
In Zinophora the structure of the spatulate lobe, in combination with the general form of the distal margin of the telocoxites comprising a proplica and metaplica folded against each other, with the metaplica lobed mesiad and the proplica bearing a mesal projection or coxal spine, are the diagnostic characters of the genus.
Pedipalpal tibia, ventral surface, distribution of granules, (0) organized into a mesal row (Lawrence 1931:fig.