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a.1.Same as Mesial.
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gundlachi Protuberances only 2: dorsal and mesal tooth; mesal tooth with terminal sclerotized spine (Fig.
18), long, convex anteriorly, distally blunt, setose, with three mesal setae anteriorly.
Based on Chamberlin's single female, the genus Chinchippus can be recognized by: all the legs having a single tarsal segment, no claws on leg I, stridulating ridges on the mesal surface of the chelicera, lateral plates of the "rostrum" shorter than the median plates, and a recurved cephalothorax.
SALEM Oregon AELMS (pl of Danish aelm, OED elm), ALEMS (ST: pl of OED alem), ALMES (OED), AMELS (DF: pl of OED amel), AMSEL (OED), ELAMS (OED helm 1862q), ELMAS (Elmas, Sardinia OED overfly 1946q), ESMAL (OED amal), LAEMS (pl of laem, OED loam), LAMES (to lame), LEAMS (plural OED), LEMAS (ST: pl of OED lema), LEMSA (Lemsa, village near Tangier, OED fonduk 1891q), MAELS (ST: pl of OED mael), MALES, MASEL (OED), MASLE (OED male), MEALS, MELAS (Melas, Turkish rug, Web2), MELSA (Melsa OED rood 1396q), MESAL (OED), SALME (OED), SAMEL (OED), SAMLE (OED sam), SEALM (OED psalm), SELAM (OED), SELMA (Selma, Alabama CGNA), SEMAL (OED), SMAEL (OED small), SMALE (Smale, Monroe Co, Arkansas CGNA, or OED small), SMEAL (OED small).
The postanal papillae are positioned accordingly: one pair proximal (nearly perianal), one pair mesal, and one pair distal.
Identical twins Bianca and Rachael Ziemann of Costa Mesal California, had just finished first and second in the triathlon.
Mesal pair (mp) of labro-epipharyngeal setae spatulate (broad) whereas second pair (p2) stout (narrow).
Fore femur armed with four ventral spinules on inner margin of distal portion, fore tibia with four spines on each ventral margin, a spur on the dorsal edge near the apex of the tympanum, and two lamellar spines on mesal region of the dorsal edge; middle femur with three lamellar spines on the ventral outer margin, middle tibia with three lamellar spines on the dorsal margin from proximal to the mesal portion, hind femur with five triangular ventral spines on inner margin and an additional thorn with sharp apex most longer than the other spines placed on the antero-apical portion.
En las esquinas ventrales anteriores de las placas del epandrio hay a cada lado, un lobulo de cuticula fuerte y extremos redondeados que se curva hacia adentro para formar una punta en forma de espina oscura; su cuticula mesal se prolonga hacia atras en forma de una banda curva esclerosada que se encuentra con la del otro lado para formar una arco cuticular completo.