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 (mĕz′mər, mĕs′-), Franz 1734-1815.
Austrian physician who developed the theory of animal magnetism and treated many patients until his theory was discredited (1784) by a French medical commission.
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(ˈmɛz mər, ˈmɛs-)

Franz or Friedrich Anton, 1733–1815, Austrian physician.
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Noun1.Mesmer - Austrian physician who tried to treat diseases with a form of hypnotism (1734-1815)Mesmer - Austrian physician who tried to treat diseases with a form of hypnotism (1734-1815)
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The author goes into the question of the close association of the then Edgar Caswall with Mesmer in Paris.
Having heard us to an end, the Count proceeded to relate a few anecdotes, which rendered it evident that prototypes of Gall and Spurzheim had flourished and faded in Egypt so long ago as to have been nearly forgotten, and that the manoeuvres of Mesmer were really very contemptible tricks when put in collation with the positive miracles of the Theban savans, who created lice and a great many other similar things.
Among the precursors of spiritualism was the Magnetist Movement which had grown out of the magnetic healing theories of Franz Anton Mesmer. The Magnetists had specialized in spiritual healing and the public demonstration of magnetic phenomena which included hypnotism.
Mesmer, which held that Bazell would apply only to offenders whose cases were on direct appeal, not those that already were final.
Examples include Adam Crabtree's From Mesmer to Freud (1993) and Regine Plas's Naissance d'une Science Humaine (2000).
Called a Mesmer robot, he's amazingly complex and was designed to be as expressive as a real person.
Franz Mesmer (known for his theories about animal magnetism), she begins to recover her sight--at the price of losing her talent for music.
(a) Mesmer Limited, having its registered office at Towers Hotel, Glenbeigh, Co Kerry.
Cognitive load balance is also achieved when students are actively engaged (Hamre & Pianta, 2005), and when instruction is scaffolded and skilfully differentiated to meet students' precise instructional needs (Mesmer & Mesmer, 2008).
Cheerleaders come together as athletes to support a team, cheer them on and lead the crowds to participate in the event," says the Abu Dhabi-based Kerry Mesmer, programme director of Emirates Cheer League (ECL) which provides coaching in cheerleading in the UAE.
In March 1770, at the height of his career, Messerschmidt purchased a house in the suburb of Landstrasse, and entered the orbit of one of the area's better known residents: Franz Anton Mesmer. A bust Messerschmidt made in the same year shows his new neighbour in the neoclassical style that befitted his dignity as a doctor and philosopher.
Department 13 recently announced the collaboration for the sales of its existing Mesmer system, a non-jamming software-based platform that uses protocol manipulation to take control of an unmanned aerial system and land it safely.