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n.1.(Zool.) The dorsal portion of the mesothorax of insects.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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-- Pronotum about one and a half times longer than mesonotum and metanotum, widest posteriorly, pronotal venter membranous; meso- and metanotum about equal in length; pronotum with long setae on the margins anteriorly, laterally, and posteriorly.
The genus Acerentuloides is characterized by 2 pairs of A-setae on the mesonotum and metanotum; 3 setae on the 2nd and 3rd pair of abdominal legs, of which the apical median seta is minute; well developed labial palpus with terminal tuft of setae and broadened sensillum; maxillary gland with small, smooth, globular vesicle or granulated appendix on the calyx and with several small globules in distal part; some setae modified as short, thickened sensilla (sd5 on head; [beta]1 and [delta]4 on foretarsus; setae P4 on metanotum, M2 on prosternum, and A2 on thoracic sterna; and accessory setae on tergites and sternites I--VI); 6 setae on sternite VIII; anterior position of seta P3 on abdominal tergites II--VI; developed striate band with clearly visible parallel-sided striae.
The two new species, Drosophila napoensis and Drosophila cuyuja should be placed in subgroup I of the tripunctata species group because these species are yellowish, without pollinosity, the mesonotum is without markings, the anal plate is without spikes and the anterior crossvein is not clouded.
* No dark stripes on thorax, mesonotum some time with three dark stripes.
Heligmoneura rufinota Martin, 1964: 304 (figs 73 mesonotum, 83 [male] terminalia).
Mesonotum without well defined golden lines, abdominal sternite 3rd, 4th segments with apically black band and palpi of female one third length of proboscis.
The promesonotal suture is present and flexible with the pronotum and mesonotum capable of movement relative to each other.
Genus Proan Haliday comprised of aphid parasitoids having wing venation with recurrent vein developed; interradial vein effaced, notaulices distinct throughout, lateral lobes of mesonotum setose (Raychaudhuri, 1990; Kavallieratos et al., 2001).This group of Aphidiines pupate inside the parasitized aphid in comparison to others (Stary, 1970).
In the laboratory, body length (BL; from the front ofthe head to the tip of the abdomen), head capsule width (HCW; across the compound eyes), and mesothoracic wing pad length (WL; from the tip of the wing pad to the paramedial contact point with the mesonotum) of each specimen (sensu Nesterovitch and Zwick 2003) were measured to the nearest 0.01mm using a stereomicroscope (Olympus, 10X).