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n.1.(Bot.) The parenchyma of a leaf between the skin of the two surfaces.
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Mesophyllum: 1692 (2014), 1693 (2014), 1764 (2015).
The vegetation which can be found throughout the rest of the region is specific for cereal crops, vine plantations, orchards, mesophyllum (Agrostis tenuis) meadows to the east of the region and xermesophyllum (Festuca valesiaca) meadows to the west.
(14,17,29,35) M m Mesophyllum incertum (Fosl.) Lemoine (11,13,25) M e Neogoniolithon spectabile (Fosl.) M m Setch.
The rhololith bed off Western Port, Victoria, for example, is composed of four species (Hydrolithon rupestre (Foslie) Penrose, Lithothamnion superpositum Foslie, Mesophyllum engelhartii (Foslie) Adey, and Neogoniolithon brassica-florida (Harvey) Setchell and Mason) [37] so it is likely that the Kimberley rhodolith beds also contains multiple species.
The studied assemblages are dominated by seaweed, mainly the articulated red algae Corallina elongata, some encrusting coralline algae such as those of the genera Lithophyllum and Mesophyllum, and some frondose brown and red algae such as Cystoseira sp., Halopteris scoparia, Padina pavonica, Sphacelaria sp., Colpomenia sinuosa, and Asparagopsis armata.
Mesophyllum incisum (Corallinaceae, Rhodophyta) in South Australia--implications for generic and specific delimitation in the Melobesioideae.
The Presence of Red Algae (Lithophylum, Mesophyllum, Sporolithonn, and Lithothamnium) also represents tropical climate (Bosence, 1983).
In the northwest Mediterranean, thick layers of encrusting coralline algae give rise to a most peculiar community: coralligen covered by sciaphilic seaweeds (Mesophyllum, Halimeda, Peyssonnelia) in the upper circumlittoral level, while in the lower circumlittoral level it is dominated by populations of suspensivores (gorgonians such as Paramuricia and Eunicella, red coral, and sponges).
antillana Borgesen (T:404) C L, S, D Amphiroa tribulus (Ellis and Solander) Lamouroux (T:406) C S, D Haliptilon cubense (Montagne ex Kutzing) Garbary et Johansen (S:229) P L Haliptilon subulatum (Ellis and Solander) Johansen (L:206) P L Jania adherens Lamouroux (S:231) C L, S, D (Crutose Corallines) *Fosliella farinosa (Lamouroux) Howe (S:234) C L Lithophyllum congestum (Foslie) Foslie (T:393) C F Lithothamnion mesomorphum Foslie (T:383) C F Mesophyllum mesomorphum (Foslie) Adey (S:241) P D Neogoniolithon spectabile (Foslie) Setchell and Mason (L:212) C L, F Titanoderma bermudense (Foslie & Howe) Woelkerling, Chamberlain & Silva (L:216) P L Titanoderma sp.
An integrative systematic approach to species diversity and distribution in the genus Mesophyllum (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) in Atlantic and Mediterranean Europe European Journal of Phycology.
When given a choice of the five CCA, larvae settled most on Pneophyllum coronatum and Hydrolithon rupestris, and settled least on Mesophyllum printzianum.