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 (mĕz′ō-prŏt′ər-ə-zō′ĭk, -prō′tər-, mĕs′-)
Of, relating to, or being the middle of the three eras of the Proterozoic Eon, from approximately 1.6 billion to 1.0 billion years ago, marked by the formation of the first known supercontinent and the evolution of sexual reproduction. See Table at geologic time.
The Mesoproterozoic Era.
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Among his topics are landscaping the continent: the Holocene and Anthropocene, freezing the continent: Pleistocene glaciation of the Great Lakes region, rifting the continent: the Mesoproterozoic midcontinent rift and Grenville Province, making the crust: solidification of the Hadean Magma Ocean, and sustaining the continent: our geologic future.
The crystalline basement of Estonia: rock complexes of the Palaeoproterozoic Orosirian and Statherian and Mesoproterozoic Calymmian periods, and regional correlations.
This is quite different form Xiaweidian section in Beijing, where a parallel unconformity exists between the Changping Formation (Series 2, Stage 4 of Cambrian, but older than Mantou Formation) and the underlying Jingeryu Formation of Neoproterozoic (Mei, 2011), and the Qijiayu section, where the Mantou Formation is in a parallel unconformity with the underlying Wumishan Formation of Mesoproterozoic (Xiao et al., 2017b).
Organic geochemical characteristics of the Mesoproterozoic Hongshuizhuang Formation from northern China: implications for thermal maturity and biological sources.
A geochronological framework for sedimentation and Mesoproterozoic tectonomagmatic activity in lower Belt-Purcell rocks exposed west of Kimberley, BC.
A biological origin is proposed for spherulitic structures for the Mesoproterozoic Gaoyuzhuang Fm., China (1.4-1.5 Ga) (Lee and Golubic, 1999).
That made sense because most of the boring billion took place during the Mesoproterozoic era, when the rate of burial of decaying organic carbon matter under marine sediments flatlined.
Geological formations in which was carved out the upper valley of Gersa River are represented by metamorphic rocks mesoproterozoic age, belonging to the Bretila series in Barlea massif, sedimentary rocks of eocene, oligocene and miocene epoch (limestone, conglomerates, sandstone, clays), which is contained in the Dealul Megiani, Dealul Taului, and the periphery of Barlea and Basca massifs, and igneous intrusive rocks, pannonian ages (micro granodiorites) that are present in the Basca Massif (Figure 4).
He covers the tectonic subdivision of the craton, Archaen geology of the eastern and western blocks, the paleoproterozoic amalgamation of the craton, and its mesoproterozoic accretion and meso-neoproterozoic extension and rifting.
The geological evolution of the Qingling orogenic belt can be divided into the formation of Precambrian basement from Neoarchaean to Mesoproterozoic (Ar3-Pt2), evolution of plate tectonics from Neoproterozoic to Middle Triassic ([Pt.sub.3]-[T.sub.2]), and intracontinental orogeny from Mesozoic (Late Triassic) to Cenozoic (Mz([T.sub.3])-Kz) [24].