n.1.(Zool.) The scutum or dorsal plate of the middle thoracic segment of an insect. See Illust. of Butterfly.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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femoralis in its small body size and meta-tibia with scopal setae whitish, but in that Peruvian species the apical margins of T1-T4 are brown, F1 is about as long as F2, and the mesoscutum and mesoscutellum are shiny, weakly imbricate between punctures (Fig.
Frontovertex, dorsal part of pronotum, mesoscutum, axilla, scutellum, lower part of mesopleuron, and lateral parts of propodeum with minute mesh-like sculpture.
Mostly dark brown; face, front, vertex, temples and occiput dark brown; gena brown; clypeus and mandibles dark yellow (Figure 1e); labrum, labial and maxilar palp pale; antenna with scape and pedicel yellow and flagellomeres brown; mesoscutum dark brown; wings hyaline; tergum I yellowish; remaining terga light brown; ovipositor sheaths brown; foreleg and midleg from coxae to 3rd tarsomeres yellow, 4th and 5th tarsomeres yellowish brown; hindleg yellow from coxa to approximately 2/3 of tibia, the remaining 1/3 of tibia to the 5th tarsomere yellowish brown.
Segun NOYES oi HAYAT (1984), el genero Diaphorencyrtus se puede caracterizar por: la vena marginal del ala anterior es mas larga que ancha, los ojos no tienen densas setas largas, el parastigma no es muy protuberante, la linea calva del ala anterior no esta interrumpida en la superficie dorsal, las lineas notaulares estan ausentes, la mandibula presenta uno o dos dientes y una truncacion, el mesoscutum y escutelo son oscuros, el mesopleurum no es tan amplio y no toca el segmento basal del gaster, el pronotum es entero y el funiculo presenta al menos seis segmentos.
Mesoscutum with a few scattered setae, finely leathery, smooth in slightly more than posterior half except laterally; notauli distinct in about anterior half, absent in most of posterior half.
Mesoscutum convex, about 0.9 X as long as wide between tegulae; anterior margin broadly rounded.
Thorax elongate, with mesoscutum and antepronotal ring distinctly anterior to postpronotal carina (Fig.
Notaulices are distinct through out mesoscutum. Propodeum smooth and carinated.