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1.(Anat.) The middle portion, or body, of the sternum.
2.(Zool.) The ventral piece of the middle segment of the thorax in insects.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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physorhinus Candeze, described from Mexico, with both species appearing similar in appearance and general morphology, including the parallel walls of the mesosternal fossa and the posterior intercoxal portion of the mesosternum strongly declivous, ca.
Ventral coloration variable, usually in shades of shiny buff; some individuals greenish on head, pro- and mesosternum; a dark brown ventromedian line extending longitudinally along the entire body except subgenital plate.
Pronotum with well developed two spines extending upto mesosternum (Pro, meso and meta sternum with well developed spines two one on each side).
psidii presents mesosternum plane between the middle coxae, the metastemum has the surface densely covered with coarse and deep punctures, the carina in the interval five disappears in the basal third and the humeri are rounded.
INTRODUCTION: The sternum consists of a cranial manubrium (Prosternum), an intermediate body (Mesosternum) and a caudal Xiphoid process (Metasternum).
Mesonotum with 1 moderately long brownish notopleural, 1 postalar and 4 subequally long scutellar setae (apical pair cruciate); some minute setulae present behind postpronotal lobe; mesosternum and metasternum between posterior four coxae bare.
-- Segments 1-6 individually shorter than mesosternum, membranous ventrolaterally and ventrally, segments 7 and 8 completely sclerotized; segments 1-7 with sensillar series posteriorly and laterally, segment 8 with numerous sensilla distributed irregularly; spiracles absent on 1-7; segment 8 length 0.32-0.57 mm ([bar.x] = 0.45 mm [+ or -] 0.07); siphon well-defined, length 0.12-0.20 mm ([bar.x] = 0.16 [+ or -] 0.03 mm).