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n.1.(Anat.) The fold of peritoneum connecting the ovary with the wall of the abdominal cavity.
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As described by Van NINWEGEN & KIRPENSTEIJN (2007), deposition of adipose tissue in the mesovarium and morphological/physiological changes in reproductive structures can also increase the operating time by up to 34%, even using a bipolar system with a cutting edge during ovariectomized bitches.
2009) found in lapascopic ovariectomy group, few dogs had minor bleeding from puncture of tiny vessel in mesovarium when transabdominal suture was being placed.
Multiple nodular masses were attached to the mesentery and mesovarium, and a large (6 X 2 X 1-cm) mass extended from the infundibulum of the oviduct (Fig 2).
The lobes form a single organ attached to the abdominal cavity by a black mesenteric tissue called the mesovarium.
Leydig cell tumor, hilar cell type, are unilateral, small, mostly microscopic, yellow-to-brown, soft, fleshy, circumscribed masses in the hilar region of the ovary and adjacent mesovarium.