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 (mĕs′ə-lī′nə), Valeria Died ad 48.
Roman empress as the third wife of Claudius I. She was executed after Claudius discovered that she had married a lover in his absence.


(Biography) Valeria (vəˈlɪərɪə). died 48 ad, wife of the Roman emperor Claudius, notorious for her debauchery and cruelty


(ˌmɛs əˈlaɪ nə, -ˈli-)

Valeria, died A.D. 48, third wife of Claudius I.
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In things that are tender and unpleasing, it is good to break the ice, by some whose words are of less weight, and to reserve the more weighty voice, to come in as by chance, so that he may be asked the question upon the other's speech: as Narcissus did, relating to Claudius the marriage of Messalina and Silius.
What, you talk of debaucheries, Madame Messalina, Lady Macbeth
If he wedded Messalina, he would be none the less interesting.
They were Phryne, Cleopatra, Messalina, those three celebrated courtesans.
22) Moreover, in Nathaniel Richards's Messalina (1635), the iniquitous Empress's plan to rape Vestal Virgins is condemned as 'the bloody massacre of those Roman dames' (E7v).
For other examples of music or sounds before or during dumb shows see Doctor Faustus (1616), E4r; Old Fortunatus, C3r; Warning for Fair Women, Dir, E3v; Antonio's Revenge, C3r, E3r; Devil's Charter, Elr; Two Maids of More-Clacke, Alv; Birth of Merlin, C3r, G4r; Woman is a Weathercock, H3v; Noble Spanish Soldier, Blr, H2r; City Wit, F3v; Queen's Exchange, D4v; Messalina, Flv; Antipodes, I3v, L3v.
His Messalina was sung straight without the ironic selfdramatizing element Ian Bostridge finds there.
Bingham's focused examination of the Guard allows for a welcome reconsideration of certain aspects and details of famous events in Roman history in which the soldiers of the Guard played key parts, especially the assassination of Caligula, the elimination of Messalina, the complicated events of the Long Year of the Four Emperors, Trajan's military adventures in Dacia (and the commemoration thereof on the eponymous column), and the death of Commodus and commencement of the difficult period of the Barracks emperors.
Female Desire and the Discourse of Empire: Tacitus's Messalina.
6) Three illustrations exist from a somewhat later period, which do show stage curtains, though they are not obviously black: a vignette of a stage on the title-page of William Alabaster's Latin tragedy Roxana (O1 [1632]); a similar vignette on the title-page of Nathanial Richards's tragedy of Messalina (O1 [1640]); and the frontispiece to Francis Kirkman's The Wits, or Sport upon Sport (O1 [1662]).
For almost twenty years, the Queen that was Burke's demi-goddess, had been the subject of scandal and libels: she was a foreigner, V Autrichienne (a she-Austrian, punned into Austrian dog), dominating her husband and plotting the overthrow of French society, the lewd Messalina with a voracious sexual appetite, the adulteress, the bordello queen, the lesbian.
O titulo da ocupacao e profissional do sexo e seus sinonimos: garota(o) de programa, meretriz, messalina, miche, mulher da vida, prostituta, trabalhador(a) do sexo.