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1. A speaker of Messapic.
2. See Messapic.


(məˈseɪpɪən) or


(Languages) a scantily recorded language of an ancient people of Calabria (the Messapii), thought by some to be related to ancient Illyrian
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This year a major theft of Messapian archaeological remains in the village of Oria, between Taranto and Brindisi, was not even publically announced by the local administration until months after it occurred.
Most of the volumes in this collection are devoted to the archaeology of ancient Messapia--the territory of the pre-Roman Messapian communities in the southeastern heel of Italy (more or less modern Puglia).
And further: Rum mlnz, mlndzu 'foal (up to one year old)', Alb (Tosk) mes, m'ezi, (Gheg) maz 'foal (up to two-three years old)', also mezat 'bullock', Messap Menzanas 'epithet of Jupiter' (to whom the Messapians sacrificed horses), Lat mannus 'small horse' (considered from a Paleobalkanic source in Rum, Alb and Lat), Grm (Bavarian) manz, menz 'sterilis uacca', minzekalb 'iuvenca', Itl manzo 'bullock', manza 'young cow, sterile cow' [= 'cow that hasn't given birth'], (in Basque mando 'mule'), Mir menn 'kid, young of an animal', MWels myn 'young goat, kid', usually derived from the IE stem *mend-, *mond- 'to suck, to feed young animals' (IEW 729).