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1. A speaker of Messapic.
2. See Messapic.
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(məˈseɪpɪən) or


(Languages) a scantily recorded language of an ancient people of Calabria (the Messapii), thought by some to be related to ancient Illyrian
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Greek colonies had been founded alongside the Messapians, Bruttians, and Sallentines in the centuries before Roman rule.
And further: Rum mlnz, mlndzu 'foal (up to one year old)', Alb (Tosk) mes, m'ezi, (Gheg) maz 'foal (up to two-three years old)', also mezat 'bullock', Messap Menzanas 'epithet of Jupiter' (to whom the Messapians sacrificed horses), Lat mannus 'small horse' (considered from a Paleobalkanic source in Rum, Alb and Lat), Grm (Bavarian) manz, menz 'sterilis uacca', minzekalb 'iuvenca', Itl manzo 'bullock', manza 'young cow, sterile cow' [= 'cow that hasn't given birth'], (in Basque mando 'mule'), Mir menn 'kid, young of an animal', MWels myn 'young goat, kid', usually derived from the IE stem *mend-, *mond- 'to suck, to feed young animals' (IEW 729).