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An ancient Greek city in the southwest Peloponnesus. It was founded c. 369 bc under Theban auspices as a new capital for the region of Messenia.
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(Placename) an ancient Greek city in the SW Peloponnese: founded in 369 bc as the capital of Messenia
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(mɛˈsi ni)

an ancient city in S Greece, in the SW Peloponnesus: capital of Messenia.
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The Achaeans, though weakenened by internal dissensions and by the revolt of Messene, one of its members, being joined by the AEtolians and Athenians, erected the standard of opposition.
The two fell in with one another in Messene at the house of Ortilochus, where Ulysses was staying in order to recover a debt that was owing from the whole people; for the Messenians had carried off three hundred sheep from Ithaca, and had sailed away with them and with their shepherds.
In conclusion it may be worth while to add the graceful epigram of Alcaeus of Messene ("Palatine Anthology", vii
They should take necessary and concrete steps to end this Messene once and for all so that all should live in harmony and peace.
Sources says he came from Messene in Sicily; was a pupil of Aristotle; and perhaps a close friend of fellow student Aristoxenos, who also came from Magna Graecia and shared his interest in theories of the soul, the lives of philosophers, music, and tragedy.
[USA], Jul 12 (ANI): An ancient storage room and three stone rows discovered at the Messene Theatre in Greece are singing a different tune on the complex structures that were used 2,000 years ago.
(Ac gecuron him anne scop to cyninge of Atheniensem, and eft mid firde foran wip [thorn]a Messene. pa hi him nealoehtan, [thorn]a getweode hie hwaeder hie wi[??] him maehten.) Se heora cyning ongan [??]a singan and giddian SE their king began then sing and recite '(.) That one, their king, began then sing and recite...
Messene, the mount of Brenton Aydulla was a neck back in third while Hugh Bowman's Flamingo Star was fourth, a further head behind.
Officials said the nearby ruined ancient city of Messene and its archaeological museum did not appear to be in direct danger.