Messenger bird

the secretary bird, from its swiftness.

See also: Messenger

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Even the most mundane domestic article as the handle of a scoop net, with the Maranaos, is carved and painted with okir, an artistic crafting style with a complex art motif nomenclature like pako rabong or climbing fern, all derived from nature, as their mythical creatures that represent prestige and elegance: the Sarimanok, the enigmatic messenger bird, or the Niaga-naga, the classic "S" dragon motif.
There was also the opportunity to enter competitions before the event and Year 8 pupil Jade Burrell won first prize, receiving a PS10 book voucher for her diary entry, based on Ruth Easham's novel 'The Messenger Bird.
b] ** HAWKE, Rosanne The Messenger Bird UQP 2012 252pp $19.
9 Rudimentary language given by messenger bird, we hear, to the people (6,7)
Pigeons Catch a glimpse of these messenger birds, which are a lot more varied than you may first think.
Some were even converted into pigeon lofts enabling a crack team of messenger birds to carry vital information to and from the frontline.
There's even a pigeon vest that the women's underwear maker Maidenform manufactured to hold messenger birds.
As messenger birds they've been giving a whole new meaning to air mail since 5th-century Persia, transporting everything from Olympic sporting results to military intelligence.