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1. also Mes·si·as (mĭ-sī′əs) The anticipated savior of the Jews. Used with the.
2. also Messias Christianity Jesus. Used with the.
3. messiah One who is anticipated as, regarded as, or professes to be a savior or liberator.

[Middle English Messias, Messie, from Old French Messie, from Late Latin Messīās, from Greek, from Aramaic məšiḥā, the anointed one (from məšaḥ, to anoint) or Hebrew māšîaḥ, anointed (from māšaḥ, to anoint); see mšḥ in Semitic roots.]
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This paper explores the contested colonial landscape in Goffredo Alessandrini's feature film Abuna Messias (1939).
The article is written by: Susana Messias, SAP CRM Consultant, BBKO Consulting
Clearly, Brazil is not a big rubbish dump of the world," said Roberto Messias, the president of Brazilian environment agency IBAMA.
Noseda can notch a double with Messias Da Silva in the EBF Wateraid Handicap as she looks on a fair mark for her debut in this sphere.
FORMER Premiership football referee Matt Messias gave a motivational talk at a conference for students of Newsome High School and Spor ts College.
Albion looked to have secured victory when substitute Zoltan Gera slotted home a controversial penalty in the closing stages, after referee Matt Messias had judged Geoff Horsfield to be pushed by Chris Makin.
REFEREE Matt Messias ignited this dreary tie by awarding two penalties inside the last eight minutes at The Hawthorns.
Robson's shot-shy troops even I wasted the helping hand given to them by referee Matt Messias when he awarded them a late penalty.
REFEREE Matt Messias ignited this dreary FA Cup tie by awarding two penalties inside the last eight minutes at The Hawthorns.
A through-ball from Tom Curtis set Michael Branch free, but when the ex-Everton striker got into the area he was bundled over by Bury keeper Neil Edwards, leaving referee Matt Messias with no alternative but to point to the spot.
Izzy Iriekpen saw a red mist at the end after protesting to referee Matt Messias about Michael Collins' tackle on Swans substitute Owain Tudor Jones.
Swansea midfielder Kris O'Leary and defensive organiser Izzy Iriekpen were both dismissed by ref Matt Messias - who also brandished eight yellow cards - as Huddersfield Town ran riot 3-1.