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Messrs. 1

Plural of Mr..

Messrs. 2

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He says no more until he has performed his task, which he achieves as Messrs. Guppy and Smallweed finish theirs, thus getting over the ground in excellent style and beating those two gentlemen easily by a veal and ham and a cabbage.
With the FRICS designation, Messrs. Liantonio and Corcoran, executive vice presidents of Cushman & Wakefield, join an elite corps of individuals who represent only a fraction of one percent of the 110,000 global members of RICS.
Messrs. Solomon and DeNovio thanked TEI for its input provided following enactment of the legislation, saying that the ongoing dialogue initiated with TEI in November is helping to shape the government's guidance priorities.
Thus from 1969 onwards, free abortion "evolved" not because of unseen forces, but because Messrs. Trudeau and Turner had seen to it that the legal wording allowed an ostensible prohibition with a few concessions to evolve into abortion on demand.
Messrs. Boehne, McTeer, Moskow, and Stern, Alternate Members of the Federal Open Market Committee
Messrs. Mulligan and Starkman are hell-bent on sensationalism and have chosen to ignore the facts.
She said that an LMSB team, involving Messrs. Petrella and Ng, would be meeting in Philadelphia to design an implementation plan.
Messrs. Boehne, Jordan, McTeer, and Stern, Alternate Members of the Federal Open Market Committee
In remarks accepting the awards, Messrs. Wright and Wenzel expressed gratitude to the Institute for the recognition accorded them and acknowledged TEI's assistance in advancing their goals and initiatives in promoting sound administrative practices.
Messrs. Boehne,(1) McTeer, and Stern, Presidents of the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia, Dallas, and Minneapolis respectively
Messrs. Oates and Goelzer's blunt assertion that the Act "restricts an Auditor's ability to perform for Issuers a number of tax services allowed under the SEC rules" (Page 404) is incorrect: The Act does not change the tax services that accountants may offer their audit clients under the existing SEC rule.
Messrs. Small,(3) and Whitesell,(4) Section Chiefs,