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MEST is a not-for-profit organisation, which provides technology training, seed investment and mentorship for the next generation of globally successful African software entrepreneurs.
The MEST scores were added to the model to explore whether pathological parameters would increase the accuracy of the model.
"By acquiring ISS, MEST and JAWA, we have expanded our portfolio of services and products, and profile by adding on over 50 specialists.
The chief diagnostic consideration for AMLEC is MEST. Like AMLEC, MEST is characterized by a solid and cystic tumor with cysts lined by flattened to hobnailed epithelium and stroma that contains smooth muscle fascicles, thickwalled blood vessels, and immunoreactivity for smooth muscle actin, desmin, ER, and PR in the stromal component.
Zogby knows American policymaking and Arab public opinion equally well, so we should consider seriously his sense that this MEST effort holds promise because, as he put it, of "[t]he stated resolve of the co-chairs to ground their work in the attitudes and needs of the Arab people.
Instead of projecting policies developed in Washington for the people of the region, the MEST intends, as its starting point, to ascertain what the people of the region say they need and then craft policies that meld America's interests and capacity with Arab aspirations.
The trial run of the 5G technology will be out by 2017, according to the plans of MEST, and it suggests the technology will be up for commercial service by 2020.
Arsenal mest learn to deal with Barcelona's Lionel Messi
Women from the UK SET community and the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), have met in both countries on an annual basis since.
This girl called and said we should do a story about this guy in this band Mest trying to get his full-sleeve tats removed.
That's the provocative question raised by recent studies of mice with mutations in imprinted genes called Mest and Peg3.