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(Serbo-Croatian ˈmɛʃtrɔvitʃ)
(Biography) Ivan (ˈivan). 1883–1962, US sculptor, born in Austria: his works include portraits of Sir Thomas Beecham and Pope Pius XI
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Port and Wreath of Ivan Mestrovic ", all earth works must be carried out under supervision and instructions
The interview with professor Romano Mestrovic was analysed as an example of an interlocutor from the Zadar socio-political scene who was the president of the Municipal Committee of SKH-SDP, titled We don't want to lag behind HDZ and published in the 7618th issue of Narodni list.
As Stjepan Mestrovic (1997: 160) contends, however, the exposure to and indulgence in Western consumer items was never intended to extend to other imports from the United States, such as its political system.
(34.) Varga S, Spalj S, Lapter Varga M, Anic Milosevic S, Mestrovic S, Slaj M.
Dr Arijana Mestrovic, assistant professor and independent consultant in Pharma Expert international agency, said the programme which started in Turkey five years ago and has been implemented in several countries.
The life cycle is complete with two speies of hosts, the intermediated host such as Sheep, Cows, Horses, Camels, Pigs and other animals (WHO, 2017) and the final host are Dogs, Wolves, Foxes and other animals where the adult parasite is present in the intestines and has no symptoms, (Dumanet al., 2016) As well as the human who is sometimes an accidental host interrupted by the life cycle of the parasite(Rampal et al, 2016; WHO, 2017; Zhang et al, 2017 ; Mestrovic, 2016).
They have close links with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and one TURN TO PAGE 56 FROM BACK PAGE of their co-owners, Croatian Ivan Mestrovic, recently bought Italian Serie C club Santarcangelo.
Mestrovic (1997) ha senalado que en el mundo de hoy las emociones dependen, en buena medida, de las estrategias de los medios de comunicacion de masas y del control de la informacion que da forma al sujeto; en otras palabras, el mercado determina la vida emocional por medio de la tecnologia de comunicacion.
(1) En la bibliografia basica un texto ya clasico es el de Stepjan MESTROVIC, Postemotional society, London, 1997.
For p > 1, these characterizations were considered by Mestrovic [15].
Vanista's gleeful Collective ID, 1961, riffs off the group's various physiognomies by matching a strip of passport-size portraits of Jean Marais, Paul Gauguin, Eugene Delacroix, and Gertrude Stein to the names of Kozaric, Knifer, Seder and Mestrovic, respectively.