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1. The collection of parallel universes that comprise all of reality in some quantum mechanical and cosmological theories.
2. A similar collection of parallel universes in a work of fiction or a series of related works of fiction.

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(Astronomy) astronomy the aggregate of all existing matter, of which the universe is but a tiny fragment
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Yet maybe Bruno's real success was in beginning to grapple with the concept of a multiverse (also called a "meta-universe") in which many universes co-exist: a concept that is now advanced in response to an argument that Christians raise when trying to prove that God exists.
He then goes on to say commonly-accepted theories suggest the wider, meta-universe is much, much bigger still.
If correct, it has the unavoidable side effect that our whole observable universe is but a microdot of a much bigger universe called a Meta-universe. John Maddox, editor of Nature for twenty years explains: 'So inflation inescapably requires that there must be a multitude of other universes alongside our own, each derived from a different speck of space-time and each involving in parallel, but perhaps differently, depending on the properties of the space-time from which they sprang'.